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Happy Dog

Reading Dog Body Language: Positive Dog Body Language and “Normal” Behavioral Cues

In the first installment of this series on reading dog body language, I posted about the importance of understanding the behavioral cues that our dogs use to communicate with us. I then covered some of the stress related behavioral cues that are more commonly seen in our canine friends. In…
Angry Dog Behavior

Reading Dog Body Language: Anger and Aggressive Body Language Cues

In my last post, I covered the importance of understanding canine body language. I also profiled a few stress-related behavioral profiles. Today, I will be continuing this series on reading dog body language with a look at anger and aggression-related cues. Anger and Aggressive Body Language Cues Anger or aggression…
Dog Body Language

Reading Dog Body Language: Stress Related Cues

Why is Dog Body Language Important? Dog body language is the single method of communication that your dog has to convey their mood and physical health. For humans, body language refers to posture, non-verbal cues, and actions. This is no different for dogs, however, reading dog body language can present some…
When you need to say no, you may not pet my dog

How to Politely Say No, You May Not Pet My Dog

If you have a dog with leash reactivity, anxiety, aggression concerns, or if you have a dog in training, telling people "no, you may not pet my dog" can be troubling. Today I want to talk about how to go about it. A Common Occurrence Over the years there have…
Stocking Stuffer's For Dog Lovers

5 Of Our Favorite Stocking Stuffer’s For Dog Parents This Christmas

I know that you are likely shopped out after yesterday's black Friday escapades. If you still have a little more shop left in you (or still have stocking stuffer's to find) though, then today's post is for you. Coming from a large family, it has always been a necessity to…
Pet Friendly Candles

Pet-Friendly Candles – It’s Time to Overhaul Your Candle Collections

We burn candles a little more often than the average household. One reason for this is that when you have a household with a partially incontinent pet or a senior pet, accidents happen. And when accidents happen, odors linger. Despite regularly burning candles, however, we have never invested in a…
Senior Dog Medications

Do You Read Your Dog Medication Inserts? You Should

Do you read your dog medication inserts? You should, and let me tell you why. On January 28, 2014, Jet was diagnosed with mitral valve insufficiency via cardiac ultrasound. We began him on 20mg of Enalapril daily. On May 15, 2014, Jet's heart murmur had increased from a grade 2…