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15 Dogs Whose Expressions Say It All

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  1. “I said no, Barbara!”

Facebook / Off Leash Studio

Facebook / Off Leash Studio

2. “Say it again, I dare ya!”

Instagram / scooter_blue_eyes

Instagram / scooter_blue_eyes

3. “I’m shocked, Dana…shocked!”

Instagram / danalinnbully

Instagram / danalinnbully

4. Happiness is…

Happiness Is

megan ann / Flickr

5. “Riiiiighttttt…”

Winking Dog

Angelica / Flickr

6. “Hurry up before someone sees me!”

Easter Pug

DaPuglet / Flickr

7. “Mondays, amIright?”

Monday Dog

joaquin uy / Flickr

8. “We’re going to the vet aren’t we, Linda?”

Suspicious Dog


9. “For the love of God, no! I said no!”

Funny Pug


10. “Do go on…”

Therapy Dog


11. “They’re going to do what?!”

What Dog


12. “Happy birthday to me!”

Birthday Pup


13. “Say what again, I dare ya!”

Say What Again


14. “I said I don’t want to talk about it!”

No Talking Dog

Jasmin Nahar

15. “This is my mom, there are many like her but this one is mine!”

Nana the Earless Pitbull

Facebook / Nana the Earless Pibble

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