16 Dogs Ready to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Whether or not you are ready for Valentine’s day it is here, but don’t worry if you have been dreading it because these dogs are here to pick you up!

1. When she finally kisses you and you’re trying to play it cool…Valentines Huskies

A Place to Love Dogs / Tumblr

2. When a kiss results in your whole face getting wet…

Horse Kissing Dog


3. When she’s crazy but you love her anyway…

Crazy Love


4. When he’s not the same species but you love him anyway…

Pumpkin the Raccoon

Pumpkin the Raccoon on Facebook

5. They call it puppy love!

Puppy Love

Hubpages / Pinterest

6. When he hasn’t quite figured out how kissing works, but you love him anyway!

Puppy Kisses

BuzzFeed / Pinterest

7. When you manage to steal a kiss from that special someone!

Corgi Kisses

BuzzFeed / Pinterest

8. When you’re not sure that you’re doing it right, but do it anyway!

Tiny Puppy Kisses

YouTube / Pinterest

9. When the cat wants to be your Valentine’s…

Cat Kisses


10. When the logistics don’t quite work out…

Bulldog Kisses

Ourenzo / Instagram

11. When you don’t care who you kiss, you just want a kiss!


Brown Dress with White Dots / Tumblr

12. When your mom is your Valentine’s…

Mom Valentines

So Doggone Funny / Pinterest

13. When you give your dad some Valentine’s love too!

Dad Puppy Kisses

Shop Style / Pinterest

14. When you sneak a kiss from the new baby even though mom said no

Puppy Baby Kisses

Huffington Post

15. When the dog sneaks a kiss from the cat!

Dog Cat Kisses

Dog Time / Pinterest

16. When you’re too young for kisses so you have nose boops instead!

Tiny Puppy Kiss

Doggy Loot Dog Lovers / Pinterest

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