20 Pups Who Need Their Beauty Sleep

Snoring Dog

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Have you ever looked at your dog’s face and thought “wow, he really knows how to relax”? Well if not, we invite you to take a look at these 20 relaxed pups to see exactly what we’re talking about!

1. “What do you mean “too muddy”?”

Muddy Dog

Peppy Pooch / Pinterest

2. “Hey, I needed a pillow!”

Sleepy Sharpei

Barkpost / Pinterest

3. “Sorry, no room!”

No Room Dog

BuzzFeed / Pinterest

4. “What do you mean I snore?”

Snoring Dog

Mom.me / Pinterest

5. “I can’t even…”

Sleeping Dog

PetsLady / Pinterest

6. “I’m just resting my eyes”

Sleeping Bulldog

Buzzfeed / Pinterest

7. “It’s called meditation!”

Sleeping German Shepherd

Buzzfeed / Pinterest

8. “It’s hard being so cute!”

Sleepy Puppy

Barkpost / Pinterest

9. “…but I thought I was your baby!”

Sleeping Golden Retriever

ViralNova / Pinterest

10. “It’s been a hard day, Linda. A hard day.”

Sleeping Pug

BuzzFeed / Pinterest

11. “I’ve been feeling husky all day…”

Sleeping Husky

BuzzSharer / Pinterest

12. “We demand a bedtime story!”

PitBulls in Pajamas

The Dodo / Pinterest

13. “I just wish you’d get bigger furniture, that’s all!”

Sleeping Great Dane

BuzzSharer / Pinterest

14. “I just want to be close to you!”

Sleeping Doberman

Mom.me / Pinterest

15. “I hate Mondays!”

Sleeping Dachshund

Boredom Kicker / Pinterest

16. “What?!? I was hot!”

Funny Sleeping Doberman

BowWowTimes / Pinterest

17. “Don’t even think about it, hooman!”

Funny Sleeping Dog

BuzzFeed / Pinterest

18. “I was just getting ready to grade papers, but first, a nap!”

Sleeping Puppy

Feedly / Pinterest

19. Caught sleeping on the job

Sleeping On The Job

HuffingtonPost / Pinterest

20. “We’re never going to get there!”

Sleepy Bulldog

The Chive / Pinterest

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