20 Pups Who Need Their Beauty Sleep

Snoring Dog

Have you ever looked at your dog’s face and thought “wow, he really knows how to relax”? Well if not, we invite you to take a look at these 20 relaxed pups to see exactly what we’re talking about!

1. “What do you mean “too muddy”?”

Muddy Dog

Peppy Pooch / Pinterest

2. “Hey, I needed a pillow!”

Sleepy Sharpei

Barkpost / Pinterest

3. “Sorry, no room!”

No Room Dog

BuzzFeed / Pinterest

4. “What do you mean I snore?”

Snoring Dog

Mom.me / Pinterest

5. “I can’t even…”

Sleeping Dog

PetsLady / Pinterest

6. “I’m just resting my eyes”

Sleeping Bulldog

Buzzfeed / Pinterest

7. “It’s called meditation!”

Sleeping German Shepherd

Buzzfeed / Pinterest

8. “It’s hard being so cute!”

Sleepy Puppy

Barkpost / Pinterest

9. “…but I thought I was your baby!”

Sleeping Golden Retriever

ViralNova / Pinterest

10. “It’s been a hard day, Linda. A hard day.”

Sleeping Pug

BuzzFeed / Pinterest

11. “I’ve been feeling husky all day…”

Sleeping Husky

BuzzSharer / Pinterest

12. “We demand a bedtime story!”

PitBulls in Pajamas

The Dodo / Pinterest

13. “I just wish you’d get bigger furniture, that’s all!”

Sleeping Great Dane

BuzzSharer / Pinterest

14. “I just want to be close to you!”

Sleeping Doberman

Mom.me / Pinterest

15. “I hate Mondays!”

Sleeping Dachshund

Boredom Kicker / Pinterest

16. “What?!? I was hot!”

Funny Sleeping Doberman

BowWowTimes / Pinterest

17. “Don’t even think about it, hooman!”

Funny Sleeping Dog

BuzzFeed / Pinterest

18. “I was just getting ready to grade papers, but first, a nap!”

Sleeping Puppy

Feedly / Pinterest

19. Caught sleeping on the job

Sleeping On The Job

HuffingtonPost / Pinterest

20. “We’re never going to get there!”

Sleepy Bulldog

The Chive / Pinterest

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