25 Dog Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Before Today!

Dog Facts

I’m fascinated by facts, particularly dog related facts.

Don’t ask me to remember a person’s name, but ask me to give you a random dog fact and I will rattle off far more than you ever wanted to know.

So, in the hopes that you are equally as fascinated by the weird and wonderful, here are 25 dog facts that you probably didn’t know before today!

25 Interesting Dog Facts

Dog Facts

1. Dog’s hearing reaches FOUR TIMES further than human hearing.

2. A dogs nose has 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, humans have 6 million.

3. Chaser, the dog with the largest vocabulary in the world, knows 1,022 nouns!

4. 19 MPH is the average running speed of a dog. Greyhounds, however, can run up to 45 MPH.

5. A dog’s shoulder blades are not attached to the rest of the skeleton!

6. Humans have around 9,000 tastebuds. Dogs, however, have just 1,700.

7. The cost of training a federally certified search and rescue dog is around $10,000!

8. The world’s oldest dog was a mixed breed who passed away in 2013, his name was Max and he was 29 years and 282 days old.

9. Male dogs lift their leg to increase the height of their urine mark on an object. The higher the mark, the larger the dog appears to any dogs that stop by that spot later on.

10. The first Yuan emperor, Kublai Khan, owned 5,000 mastiffs!

Dogs Sight

11. Dogs don’t only see in black and white, they can also see shades of yellow, blue, greenish-yellow, and green.

12. The largest dog ever recorded was a mastiff named Zorba, he weighed 343 pounds and measured 8 feet 3 inches long.

13. Dogs curl into a ball when they sleep to protect their internal organs from predators – it’s a primal instinct!

14. A dog’s nose print is unique and identifiable as a human fingerprint.

15. Dalmatians aren’t born with their spots!

16. A University of California study proved that dogs CAN get jealous of their human showing affection to someone or something else.

17. Puppies have heat sensors in their noses that allow them to seek out their mother for feeding because they are born blind and deaf.

18. There are approximately 400 million dogs in the world.

19. Humans and dogs have lived together for more than 14,000 years – half as long as cats and humans have lived together.


20. Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot just like human babies! In humans, this soft spot in the skull is called the fontanelle, in dogs it’s called the molera.

21. Three dogs survived the Titanic sinking, all three were lapdogs (a Pekingese and two Pomeranians) belonging to first class passengers.

22. A bloodhound can pick up a scent that is more than 300 hours old!

23. Dogs noses are wet because the thin layer of mucus on it helps to absorb scents. Dogs can then lick their noses to get a better understanding of the scents in question.

24. Scientists have recently discovered that dogs align with the Earth’s magnetic field along a north-south axis when they poop! No one knows why, but researchers are still hard at work.

25. Dogs learn commands much more efficiently when they are taught alongside hand signals.

Have an interesting dog fact that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

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