3 Products to Help Your Dog Heal

Products to Help Your Dog Heal - Honest Kitchen Bone Broth

Jet has spent a great deal of his life as a sick pup which has given us plenty of time to find some great products to help your dog heal.

Before I share them with you, however, take note that you should always seek out your vet’s assistance when your pup is under the weather. Once you know what is going on, these things may be able to help you along the road to recovery IF (And only if) they are approved by your vet.

3 Products to Help Your Dog Heal

Products to Help Your Dog Heal - Honest Kitchen Bone Broth

1. Products to Help Your Dog Heal: Honest Kitchen Bone Broth

Honest Kitchen Bone Broth with turmeric is a good addition to your dog’s diet daily. The broth contains beef broth, turmeric, parsley, and pumpkin and is really easy to make (just add water). The turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory and it can also help with pain and infection. The beef broth is a quality source of collagen and chondroitin, which support joints. The parsley is great for supporting the immune system, is an anti-inflammatory and it works for freshening breath. The pumpkin is great for urinary and digestive health.

Honest Kitchen Bone Broth is a great way to tempt a pup who has a poor appetite to eat while also adding some liquid to their diet! When Jet is particularly unwell, we give him broth alone or add a little white rice to the broth for a meal. If Jet is well on the way to recovery or eating normally, we add a little of the broth to his kibble!

Humidifiers Can Help Recovering Dogs

2. Products to Help Your Dog Heal: A Humidifier

If your pup is suffering from an upper respiratory condition like kennel cough or allergies, a humidifier can really help. The added moisture in the air can reduce throat irritation and pain.

We use a humidifier like the Levoit Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer above that has a warm and cool setting. This dual setting lets you switch between the two depending on the seasons, although to be honest, I never use ours on the cool setting. Both Jet and I have allergies and using the warm setting makes a cleaner mist since it boils the water before releasing moisture into the air.

Honey is Always Good to Keep on Hand

3. Products to Help Your Dog Heal: Honey

Honey is a great addition to your dog’s healing regime (if your dog is diabetic, honey WILL raise blood sugar). A natural antiseptic, honey is a great source of energy, it can balance the digestive tract, it can help reduce or eliminate allergies, and is great to promote wound healing when applied topically.

Honey is also a great immediate source of sugar for dogs with low blood sugar, dogs experiencing shock, or dogs coming around from syncope. When Jet had frequent syncope episodes, we would rub a little honey on his gums as he was coming around to help his recovery.

There are many types of honey you can use, but always choose pure honey. If your dog has pollen allergies or bee sting allergies PLEASE use caution when giving them honey. If your dog has a severe bee sting allergy (anaphylaxis) DO NOT attempt to give them honey.


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