5 Dog Etsy Stores That We Love!

I am always on the lookout for new dog finds and one of my favorite places to look is dog Etsy stores.

There are so many Etsy stores to choose from that I can sometimes get lost for hours, but it’s a great way to drift off to sleep!

Today I want to share with you five of our favorite dog Etsy stores so that you can enjoy them too!

5 Dog Etsy Stores That You Have to Check Out!

5 Dog Etsy Stores You Will Love: Haley's Hound Haus

1. Haley’s Hound Haus

Of course, Haley’s Hound Haus has to be first because we just received or first order yesterday and LOVE it! Out of all of the bandana stores on Etsy we picked Haley’s because she uses snaps on her bandanas and that means no tying knots. Haley works with non-profit rescue groups, fosters dogs and makes incredible bandanas by hand! She has plenty of variety in her bandanas in prints and in sizes and they range in price from $4 to $15 which is pretty darn reasonable for handmade items!

Tactipup Collars

2. Tactipup

Jet’s daddy is a big fan of tactical and survival gear so it’s no surprise that this is one of our favorite dog Etsy stores! Tactipup collars are not only handsome but they are sturdy and high quality which can sometimes be hard to find in Etsy made collars. There is quite some variety in the Tactipup collar models and while they are expensive between $30 to $50, it’s a durable quality product that you aren’t going to have to replace every year.

Her Silver Lining Etsy Shop

3. Her Silver Lining

There are a million and one dog Etsy stores that offer dog ID tags, so why do we like Her Silver Lining? Because she uses clips on her ID tags! That means no more breaking fingernails or cursing up a storm while trying to attach tags to collars. Yes, I know this can be done at home, but supporting small businesses is awesome!

Pallets 4 Paws

4. Pallets 4 Paws

I admit that I’m a tad biased because this wonderful couple is based out of Raleigh, NC like us, but their products really are fantastic! Pallets 4 Paws uses upcycled wood to create feeder stands, wall art, and dog beds and they use their profits to help rescue dogs to boot. My favorite item of theirs is the corner pallet dog bed, it’s adorable, as is the pittie lying in it 😀

Sassy Fido

5. Sassy Fido

Sassy Fido is one of my favorite Etsy dog stores for dog treats! Not only do their treats look delicious, but they are also gluten free and preservative free which is a definite plus! There are currently three treat flavors to choose from in their store – sweet salmon, nutty banana, and apple and carrot and they all have amazing reviews.

Do you have a favorite dog-themed Etsy store? Leave a comment and share it with our readers!

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