5 Small Things You Should Be Doing For Your Dog

Tell Your Dog What They Mean To You

Our dogs do so much for us and ask so little in return. So, today I want to talk about 5 small things you should be doing for your dog to return the favor.

No, I’m not saying that you should cook them a full Sunday dinner or invest in food that you can’t afford. These 5 small things require little else than your time so you have zero excuses.

5 Small Things You Should Be Doing For Your Dog

5 Small Things You Should Be Doing For Your Dog

1. Sit With Your Dog While They Eat

Take a few moments to sit with your dog while they eat. Keep them company and let them know that they are part of your family. No one likes to eat alone. No, I’m not saying that you have to sit beside them, but don’t just dump their bowl on the floor and walk away.

*Please don’t try this if your dog has food aggression, consult a behaviorist if this is the case!

Don't Ignore Your Dog When You Get Home

2. Be As Excited to See Them As They Are You

Whether you are returning from a shopping trip or coming home from work, your dog is always excited to see you. Show them the same level of excitement. No, you don’t have to jump up and down and be silly (but if you want to, go for it!) but don’t push your dog aside or ignore their affections.

Play With Your Dog

3. PLAY with Them!

You can’t possibly understand just how much your dog adores you. A game of soccer or fetch takes a few minutes from your day but it’s a few minutes of bonding time that your dog relishes. The next time your dog brings you their favorite toy, take it, engage them, and have fun!


Give Your Dog Fresh Water

4. Give Them Fresh Water

How often do you rinse and refill your dog’s water bowl? If you don’t do it at every mealtime, you should. Your dog deserves fresh water not a bowl of water that has been sitting around all day catching dog hairs, dust particles, and goodness knows what else. Take two seconds out of your day and rinse and refill that bowl!


Tell Your Dog What They Mean To You

5. Tell Them What They Mean to You

Love and affection are something that we all crave, so don’t forget to tell your dog how much they mean to you! Our dogs understand our tone of voice, our body language, the concept of family and have the capability of understanding an average of 165 words – make love one of them.

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