8 Statistics Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

10 Statistics Every Dog Owner Should Know

10 Statistics Every Dog Owner Should KnowThere are many statistics about dogs and dog ownership, but today I want to cover 8 that every dog owner should know.

From puppyhood to death, these 8 statistics span the lifetime of your dog and may even help you to be a better dog owner.

1. Puppies need to remain with their mother and littermates for between 8 and 12 weeks to develop appropriate behavior and obtain the plentiful benefits of their mother’s milk.

Source: Mercola

2. Spaying and neutering your dogs will increase their lifespan by 1 to 3 years.

Source: Spay USA

3. Around 55% of dogs and puppies that go into the animal shelter system are euthanized.

Source: National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy – Shelter Statistics Survey

4.  When traveling in the car a 10-pound dog that is unrestrained at the time of a crash at 50 mph will exert approximately 500 pounds of force. An 80-pound dog that is unrestrained at the time of a crash at 30 mph will exert around 2400 pounds of force.

Source: Kurgo

5. Children who practice reading to a dog show a 12% improvement in their reading skills versus those who don’t.

Source: NIMH


6. Approximately 50% of all dogs over 10-years-old will develop one type of cancer or another.

Source: Pets.WebMD

7. Around 68% of dogs aged 15-years-old or older show signs of canine cognitive dysfunction.

Source: PetMD

8. Only approximately 10% of dogs will pass away naturally in their sleep.

I have mislaid the source I had for this statistic but thought it too important to leave out.
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