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8 Statistics Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

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10 Statistics Every Dog Owner Should KnowThere are many statistics about dogs and dog ownership, but today I want to cover 8 that every dog owner should know.

From puppyhood to death, these 8 statistics span the lifetime of your dog and may even help you to be a better dog owner.

1. Puppies need to remain with their mother and littermates for between 8 and 12 weeks to develop appropriate behavior and obtain the plentiful benefits of their mother’s milk.

Source: Mercola

2. Spaying and neutering your dogs will increase their lifespan by 1 to 3 years.

Source: Spay USA

3. Around 55% of dogs and puppies that go into the animal shelter system are euthanized.

Source: National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy – Shelter Statistics Survey

4.  When traveling in the car a 10-pound dog that is unrestrained at the time of a crash at 50 mph will exert approximately 500 pounds of force. An 80-pound dog that is unrestrained at the time of a crash at 30 mph will exert around 2400 pounds of force.

Source: Kurgo

5. Children who practice reading to a dog show a 12% improvement in their reading skills versus those who don’t.

Source: NIMH


6. Approximately 50% of all dogs over 10-years-old will develop one type of cancer or another.

Source: Pets.WebMD

7. Around 68% of dogs aged 15-years-old or older show signs of canine cognitive dysfunction.

Source: PetMD

8. Only approximately 10% of dogs will pass away naturally in their sleep.

I have mislaid the source I had for this statistic but thought it too important to leave out.


A thirty-something author, I have a passion for all things canine. I have shared my life with dogs of all breeds including the one-of-a-kind Great Dane-Pit Bull mix, Millie. My true heart-dog, however, was a black Labrador named Jet. Being Jet’s mom has taught me more than I ever thought possible about…just about everything. Together we had many a misadventure including a faceplant on river rocks, a dog bite, a brown recluse spider bite, giardia, cancer and the best of all – the exploding anal gland.

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