About Us

Amy and Jet, Copyright Philosophy of Dog


A Brit living in America.

Fan of major league baseball (go Rangers!)


Lover of books, naps, and chocolate.

Advocate for senior dogs, addiction awareness, and multiple sclerosis.

“Wifey” to Jet’s dad – simply known on the blog as “Jet’s dad”.

(Slightly neurotic) Dog-mom to Jet since 2001.

Would be veterinarian if it weren’t for that pesky blood.

Fan of Labradors, Newfies, and Italian Greyhounds.

Should never be let loose in a shelter filled with dogs.


Senior black Labrador.

Puppy mill puppy born 12/25/2001.

Watcher of baseball, Thomas the Tank Engine, The Gruffalo, and The Little Prince.

“Daddy” to his baby doll – affectionally referred to as “baby” on our Twitter feed.

Begger of ice cream cones.

Lover of naps.

Survivor of a brown recluse spider bite, dog food poisoning, multiple dog bites, and cancer.

Sufferer of arthritis, hip dysplasia, food allergies, heart disease, anxiety, a “bum knee”, and a very overprotective mom.

Should never be left alone with a bag of McDonald’s French fries.

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