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Jet Waking Up

Yes, I know, it’s been a while again! I had every intention of checking in more frequently over here, but life always gets in the way. Work has kept me busy over the past few weeks and every time I think to update, it’s 4am and I’m ready for bed! With all that said, let me update you on what is going on in this corner of the world.


Jet Waking Up

Aside from making goofy wake-up-from-nap-time faces with me (yes, we cuddle when we nap,) Jet and I have been busy coming up with topics for articles here at Philosophy of Dog. Jet is convinced that all articles should be about bones, but I had to explain to him that this is probably not what most people are here to read about. So after vetoing all of his post ideas, I came up with a list on my own. So in the coming weeks, keep your eyes peeled for topics that include: recognizing hemangiosarcoma, canine CCL (ACL) repair, senior dog joint supplementation, and of course, a follow up on our Blue Buffalo situation.

It has been five weeks and two days since we filed our medical claims form for Jet’s medical bills associated with his illness due to eating Blue Buffalo kibble. The waiting is becoming unbearable, not because we are litigious people, but because someone made our boy sick and that someone needs to take care of the expense associated with that. When you live on a budget any significant unexpected expenses are a strain, and the expenses associated with Jet becoming sick from Blue Buffalo were certainly significant.

So, how is Jet doing? As far as we know, our boy has made a full recovery – I couldn’t be happier about that. In the 14 years that he has been with us he has NEVER been as lethargic and listless as he was when he got sick…not even when he had cancer (see the hemangiosarcoma post idea above.) These days Jet seems to be back to his normal self, in fact, removal of the kibble in question and palliative care from our vet resulted in quite a rapid turnaround and for that we are thankful.

Thank you all for your well wishes and support and we promise to come by more often and give you more of the informative and adorable content that you are here for!

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