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Good Old DogIt’s fifty days since our boy made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks dog-sitting Finn – my parent’s terrier. Having Finn here has helped me to find my center, but soon he will be back with our parents.

In the moments where I think of being without a dog here beside me, my heart aches.

I’m a dog mom.

My dogs have always defined me.

Being a dog mom without a dog is hard.

I miss my boy with every fiber of my being. I could never replace him, but there is a healing in a dog’s presence that I cannot find anywhere else.

Some people are people-people. I am dog-people. Without a dog in my life, I feel out of touch, I feel anxious, I feel lonely. My dogs bring me peace, company, an outlet for that mothering instinct for a woman without a child.

Jet’s daddy isn’t ready yet, to open our home to another dog.

That’s been hard.

I cannot, in fairness, ask my “co-parent” to step up and co-parent again when he is still mourning the loss of our boy.

I know…if you’re not a dog person, this all sounds utterly insane.

If you are a dog person, then chances are that you know what I mean and if you don’t, unfortunately someday you will.

When that day comes, you may be like me or you may be like Jet’s daddy and however you handle your grief is perfectly fine. Just remember, if you have a co-parent in the picture, be there for each other. Be supportive, be patient, and be honest.



A thirty-something author, I have a passion for all things canine. I have shared my life with dogs of all breeds including the one-of-a-kind Great Dane-Pit Bull mix, Millie. My true heart-dog, however, was a black Labrador named Jet. Being Jet’s mom has taught me more than I ever thought possible about…just about everything. Together we had many a misadventure including a faceplant on river rocks, a dog bite, a brown recluse spider bite, giardia, cancer and the best of all – the exploding anal gland.

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