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  • My Best Friend


    It’s Time…

    Every dog owner will tell you that during their life there has been one dog who was something more. A dog that was something special. A “heart dog”. Jet is my “heart dog”. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been without him by my side. He has been my shadow, […]

  • Jet Copyright Philosophy of Dog



    Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…

    I’ve been trying to write this post for days now. Then this afternoon, as I sat down to my laptop, the words from Henry V echoed around my head… “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;” What does it mean? It means that we rally. It means we face things head-on. It means we be […]

  • Jet is Two Years Cancer Free Today


    Today We Celebrate 2 Years Cancer Free!

    Two years ago Jet had a hemangiosarcoma tumor removed from his tail. If you haven’t read about Jet’s cancer, you can read about it here. Today we had planned on celebrating two years cancer free by taking Jet for his favorite treat in the world – a McDonalds ice cream cone!  Unfortunately, we had to […]

  • How Your Dog Can Help You to Cope With Grief


    8 Ways That Your Dog Can Help You Through Grief

    Grief and I are friends. Begrudging (on my part, at least), yet longtime friends. Almost three years ago now, my family lost my brother. He was 25-years-old when he died. The loss was stunning, devastating, and began ripples of grief that continue today. While this grief has been a difficult journey so far, there have […]

  • Tell Your Dog What They Mean To You


    5 Small Things You Should Be Doing For Your Dog

    Our dogs do so much for us and ask so little in return. So, today I want to talk about 5 small things you should be doing for your dog to return the favor. No, I’m not saying that you should cook them a full Sunday dinner or invest in food that you can’t afford. These […]

  • Jet as a Young Puppy - Copyright 2017


    What Will You Do When…

    A question that I get asked more frequently than I would like is “what will you do when…” I know what they want to ask, but rarely do people ever finish the sentence. After all, it would be rude to say “when your dog dies”…right? It baffles me that people think it’s rude to finish […]

  • 10 Ways That You Can Help Your Partner With Your Senior Dog!


    10 Ways That You Can Help Your Partner With Your Senior Dog!

    I have posted before about the importance of respite care when you are a senior dog parent. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to ask for help or to know exactly how to ask for help. So today I want to talk about 10 ways that you can help your partner (or your partner can help you) […]

  • 5 Must Read Articles for the Senior Dog Parent


    5 Must Read Essays for Senior Dog Parents

    I am always looking for articles and resources that are beneficial to the senior dog parent. I do this not only because I’m a senior dog parent myself, but because senior dog parenting can be hard. Not hard in the way that puppy parenting is hard because with puppy parenting you know (or at least hope) […]

  • My Dog Is My Child and That's Okay


    When I Say My Dog is My Child and You Roll Your Eyes…

    When I say my dog is my child and you roll your eyes, do you stop to think? Do you think that maybe I’m unable to have two-legged children due to infertility or chronic illness? Do you think that maybe I can’t afford to support a child and instead of draining an already strained welfare […]

  • Dog Food Allergies


    Something Fishy With California Natural Kangaroo Formula

    A few years ago, we were feeding Jet California Natural Kangaroo and Red Lentils Formula. We chose this formula because of the .71 phosphorus percentage and unique protein source. Jet has significant grain allergies, sensitivities to proteins, a need for low phosphorus content and now he also needs moderately reduced sodium content due to his […]

  • Jet Copyright 2017 Philosophy of Dog


    Today We Talk About Jet

    I spend a lot of time here writing about general health concerns and topics that I have either experienced or am passionate about. As I have slowly begun to increase those types of articles, however, I have posted less and less about my sweet boy. So today I want to talk about Jet. You may […]