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  • Jet as a Young Puppy - Copyright 2017


    What Will You Do When…

    A question that I get asked more frequently than I would like is “what will you do when…” I know what they want to ask, but rarely do people ever finish the sentence. After all, it would be rude to say “when your dog dies”…right? It baffles me that people think it’s rude to finish […]

  • 10 Ways That You Can Help Your Partner With Your Senior Dog!


    10 Ways That You Can Help Your Partner With Your Senior Dog!

    I have posted before about the importance of respite care when you are a senior dog parent. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to ask for help or to know exactly how to ask for help. So today I want to talk about 10 ways that you can help your partner (or your partner can help you) […]

  • 5 Must Read Articles for the Senior Dog Parent


    5 Must Read Essays for Senior Dog Parents

    I am always looking for articles and resources that are beneficial to the senior dog parent. I do this not only because I’m a senior dog parent myself, but because senior dog parenting can be hard. Not hard in the way that puppy parenting is hard because with puppy parenting you know (or at least hope) […]

  • My Dog Is My Child and That's Okay


    When I Say My Dog is My Child and You Roll Your Eyes…

    When I say my dog is my child and you roll your eyes, do you stop to think? Do you think that maybe I’m unable to have two-legged children due to infertility or chronic illness? Do you think that maybe I can’t afford to support a child and instead of draining an already strained welfare […]

  • Dog Food Allergies


    Something Fishy With California Natural Kangaroo Formula

    A few years ago, we were feeding Jet California Natural Kangaroo and Red Lentils Formula. We chose this formula because of the .71 phosphorus percentage and unique protein source. Jet has significant grain allergies, sensitivities to proteins, a need for low phosphorus content and now he also needs moderately reduced sodium content due to his […]

  • Jet Copyright 2017 Philosophy of Dog


    Today We Talk About Jet

    I spend a lot of time here writing about general health concerns and topics that I have either experienced or am passionate about. As I have slowly begun to increase those types of articles, however, I have posted less and less about my sweet boy. So today I want to talk about Jet. You may […]

  • Dog-Friendly Stores


    65 Dog-Friendly Stores Where Your Dog is Welcome!

    Jet has far too much anxiety for us to take advantage of dog-friendly stores around town. We have tried and tried again using just about every positive reinforcement technique in the book, but my sweet senior boy just can’t do it. If your dog doesn’t face such obstacles, getting them out and about town is […]

  • Plastic Food Containers


    7 Products You Should Replace For a Healthier Home For You and Your Dog

    Jet and I both have always been quite sickly. Jet’s dad says it’s probably one of the reasons why Jet was chosen to be our furkid. We don’t give up easily and we take challenges in our stride. That said, it doesn’t mean that we don’t try to adjust our lifestyle to limit our exposure […]

  • Vetmedin


    A New Design For Philosophy of Dog and An Update on Jet

    It’s been a few weeks since my last post here at Philosophy of Dog, but if you follow us on Twitter, then you know it’s been a busy few weeks. Between my being under the weather, Jet’s latest vet visit (which I will share in a few moments), and life in general, things have been […]

  • Jet Philosophy of Dog


    I Need Your Help

    I don’t just want your help, I need your help. I don’t know if my boy is dying, if he is experiencing complications from heart disease, or if this is another glitch of seniorhood. I don’t know and I usually do know, and it’s scary as hell.     Since he was 8 weeks old and a […]

  • Senior Black Labrador


    I’m Worried…

    Let me preface by telling you at this moment in time, my sweet senior boy is still very much alive. He is curled up on his bed with his Tigger pillow and Curious George on the TV. But, if you follow us on Twitter, then you know that something isn’t right. Something isn’t right and […]