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  • Dog-Friendly Stores


    65 Dog-Friendly Stores Where Your Dog is Welcome!

    Jet has far too much anxiety for us to take advantage of dog-friendly stores around town. We have tried and tried again using just about every positive reinforcement technique in the book, but my sweet senior boy just can’t do it. If your dog doesn’t face such obstacles, getting them out and about town is […]

  • Plastic Food Containers


    7 Products You Should Replace For a Healthier Home For You and Your Dog

    Jet and I both have always been quite sickly. Jet’s dad says it’s probably one of the reasons why Jet was chosen to be our furkid. We don’t give up easily and we take challenges in our stride. That said, it doesn’t mean that we don’t try to adjust our lifestyle to limit our exposure […]

  • Vetmedin


    A New Design For Philosophy of Dog and An Update on Jet

    It’s been a few weeks since my last post here at Philosophy of Dog, but if you follow us on Twitter, then you know it’s been a busy few weeks. Between my being under the weather, Jet’s latest vet visit (which I will share in a few moments), and life in general, things have been […]

  • Jet Philosophy of Dog


    I Need Your Help

    I don’t just want your help, I need your help. I don’t know if my boy is dying, if he is experiencing complications from heart disease, or if this is another glitch of seniorhood. I don’t know and I usually do know, and it’s scary as hell.     Since he was 8 weeks old and a […]

  • Senior Black Labrador


    I’m Worried…

    Let me preface by telling you at this moment in time, my sweet senior boy is still very much alive. He is curled up on his bed with his Tigger pillow and Curious George on the TV. But, if you follow us on Twitter, then you know that something isn’t right. Something isn’t right and […]

  • Petris Comic


    10 Very Real Struggles of Being a Dog Mom or Dad

    We all love our pups, there’s no doubt in that, but dog mom and dog dad life comes with its own set of struggles! Take a look at 10 very real struggles of being a dog mom or dad… Petris Comic / Source Dog Parent Struggle #1 Trying to figure out how to fit all of your […]

  • Anxiety and Sundowning in Dogs Video


    Sundowning and Severe Anxiety in Dogs – A Video

    If you ever find yourself wondering what I’m talking about when I refer to Jet’s nightly ritual, to his severe anxiety, or his sundowning, this video should help to explain…  

  • Hurricane Matthew


    Anxiety, Sundowning, and the Hurricane

    Yesterday, Hurricane Matthew made his way into North Carolina. He had passed by our family in Florida and Georgia leaving them unscathed. By the time he got to us, here in central North Carolina, however, he was ready to show one of the family just what it meant to be labeled a “hurricane”. Let me […]

  • Senior Dog Jet


    To the Person Who Dumped Their Senior Dog at the Shelter…

      I like to think that you dropped your senior dog off at the shelter because there really was no choice. Perhaps you reluctantly made the transition to a nursing home or were finally escaping that abusive relationship you had endured for far too long… The sad truth, however, is that you probably didn’t. More […]

  • Owning a Senior Dog


    Sometimes Puppies Aren’t That Bad…

    As a senior dog mom, I have come to know a lot of other senior dog parents. Many of whom, like me, find a special satisfaction in being owned by a dog in their golden years. There is a trend among people like us, though. Most of us, anyway. No matter how much we love […]

  • Spoon Theory


    Life As a ‘Spoonie’ Dog Owner

    If you have not heard of the “Spoon Theory”, you may want to read it now over at “But You Don’t Look Sick.” Written by Christine Miserandino, the “Spoon Theory” explains what it is like to live with chronic illness. People to whom the “Spoon Theory” applies are referred to as “Spoonies”.     I […]