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  • Jet Copyright


    Why You Don’t Get To Say “It’s Just a Dog”

    There is a frequent practice these days of comparisons – “my grief is worse than yours,” “my suffering is worse than yours,” “my love is deeper than yours…” It’s a concept that I don’t understand and one that I have explored in some depth after the death of my younger brother a couple of years […]

  • Jet From


    A Brief Veterinary History

    Yesterday I posted about puppy mills and backyard breeders. I also made mention that Jet came from a puppy mill. This provides the perfect segue into a brief (or not so brief) veterinary history on my boy. People frequently ask how I know so much about dog health. Part of the reason is going to […]

  • Eddie's Wheels


    When Is It Enough? Declines in Senior Dog Mobility

    Last night I was struck with the limitations on Jet’s mobility. It’s not as though I haven’t noticed him slowing down, the clicking in his knee when he gets up, or the difficulty getting up from the floor. Last night, though, I was hit with the severity of his mobility¬†troubles. I lay in bed until […]

  • Jet and His Baby Copyright Philosophy of Dog

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    10 Things to Know About Having Senior Dogs

    When you’re preparing to bring a new puppy home, advice abounds. When that puppy becomes a senior dog or when you bring a new senior dog home, however, advice can be harder to come by. So today, I wanted to share 10 things you need to know about having senior dogs.     Exercise is […]

  • Life with an Anxious Dog Copyright

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    Life With An Anxious Dog

    If you have ever had a dog with anxiety then you will know that there are anxious dogs and then there are ANXIOUS dogs. Jet is of the latter persuasion, so today I want to talk to you a little bit about life with an anxious dog.         I have dedicated the […]

  • Dogs with Scars


    I’m Not Always a Bait Dog…

    I spend a lot of time working online with various animal rescue groups, particularly dog rescue groups. Once in a while, a dog pops up with scars. The inevitable response from at least one commenter is – “Poor thing, he/she must have been a bait dog/fighting dog.” While it may be true, I find myself […]

  • Copyright 2016,


    The Cadence of Life

    Being a senior dog mom is HARD. The thing is, though, is that it’s worth it. Aging dogs are much like aging people, they tend to hit a point where aging turns into regression. It sounds depressing, but it isn’t. Sharing your life with a senior dog is about more than this regression. Sharing your […]

  • Keen


    Where Is It All Coming From?

    Yes, I know, it’s been a while. I promised it wouldn’t be when I blogged last, but it was, and I don’t want to talk about it. A lot has been going on since I last blogged, such is the life of a senior dog mom. As you might recall, after the Blue Buffalo debacle […]

  • Blue Buffalo Recall


    Another Blue Buffalo Recall

      Blue Buffalo has issued a recall, again. Now, this isn’t a recall for the kibble we were feeding Jet, but it is a recall for elevated moisture content and consequently mold. Coincidentally, the symptoms that Jet experienced when he became sick, (begin legal disclaimer) in my opinion (/legal disclaimer,) from Blue Buffalo Rocky Mountain […]

  • Blue Buffalo Claim Response


    Blue Buffalo Responds to Our Medical Claim

    So, this happened…   I want to say that I’m surprised, but I can’t. From the very tone of my communication with Blue Buffalo, I feared that their “medical claims process” was nothing more than a method of placating¬†complainants and now I can’t help but think that this is the case. This fear is bolstered […]

  • Jet Waking Up


    An Update

    Yes, I know, it’s been a while again! I had every intention of checking in more frequently over here, but life always gets in the way. Work has kept me busy over the past few weeks and every time I think to update, it’s 4am and I’m ready for bed! With all that said, let […]

  • Sick Jet Copyright Philosophy of Dog


    Tainted Kibble and Our Switch to Bravo!

    It’s been a while since I updated things over here, but for good reason – Jet has been sick. Not the kind of sick that a round of antibiotics will fix, but the kind of sick where I was 99% certain that my boy was taking his last breath. Let me start at the beginning… […]