16 Dogs Ready to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Whether or not you are ready for Valentine's day it is here, but don't worry if you have been dreading it because these dogs are here to pick you up! 1. When she finally kisses you and you're trying to play…
Snoring Dog

20 Pups Who Need Their Beauty Sleep

Have you ever looked at your dog's face and thought "wow, he really knows how to relax"? Well if not, we invite you to take a look at these 20 relaxed pups to see exactly what we're talking about! 1.…
Nana the Earless Pitbull

15 Dogs Whose Expressions Say It All

"I said no, Barbara!" Facebook / Off Leash Studio 2. "Say it again, I dare ya!" Instagram / scooter_blue_eyes 3. "I'm shocked, Dana...shocked!" Instagram / danalinnbully 4. Happiness is... megan ann / Flickr 5. "Riiiiighttttt..." Angelica / Flickr 6. "Hurry up before…