5 Dog Etsy Stores That We Love!

I am always on the lookout for new dog finds and one of my favorite places to look is dog Etsy stores. There are so many Etsy stores to choose from that I can sometimes get lost for hours, but…
The Orvis Labs and Stripes Cotton Duvet Cover

6 Must Have Pieces of Dog Themed Bedding

I'm still working on getting Jet's dad to agree to dog themed bedding for our bedroom, but that doesn't stop me from looking! If you're like me and love just about anything dog, then check out some of my favorite…
Heininger PortablePET Twistep Dog Hitch Step

5 Really Cool Dog Products You’ve Probably Never Seen

Once in a while, I run into dog products that make me wonder how I didn't know about them before. I'm not talking about those weird "why is that even a thing" products, I'm talking about those "how have I…
Amethyst Throw

6 Affordable Blankets and Throws For Your Senior Dog

We use throws and blankets in our house as an in-between measure for keeping Jet's bed clean. We have an incredible fully washable bed which we love, but I don't like stripping and washing his bed every time there is…
Aroma Paws All Natural Dog Shampoo

6 Chemical Free Dog Shampoo Options For Your Senior Dog

There are so many dog shampoo options on the market, but we believe that chemical free dog shampoo is always best. With so many different shampoo options to choose from, though, how do you know which one is best? Well,…
Amazon Smile

10 Businesses That Support Shelter Dogs and Rescue Organizations

While I generally buy what I have to buy when I need it, if there is the opportunity to buy those things from a business that supports shelter or rescue dogs - then I'm going to do it. These 10…