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  • Heininger PortablePET Twistep Dog Hitch Step

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    5 Really Cool Dog Products You’ve Probably Never Seen

    Once in a while, I run into dog products that make me wonder how I didn’t know about them before. I’m not talking about those weird “why is that even a thing” products, I’m talking about those “how have I lived without this?!” products. Today I want to share five of these products with you. […]

  • Aroma Paws All Natural Dog Shampoo

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    6 Chemical Free Dog Shampoo Options For Your Senior Dog

    There are so many dog shampoo options on the market, but we believe that chemical free dog shampoo is always best. With so many different shampoo options to choose from, though, how do you know which one is best? Well, we like these six! 6 Chemical Free Dog Shampoo Choices We Like 1. Aroma Paws […]

  • Snoozer Forgiveness Bed

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    Senior Dog Dog Beds: The Snoozer Forgiveness Bed

    If you have been around for a while, then you have likely heard me bemoaning dog beds, particularly senior dog dog beds. Until around a month ago, we had two dog beds – one we hated and one we loved. The funny part is that both of those beds were made by the same company […]

  • Snoozer Forgiveness Sofa

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    8 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Dog

    This time of year, the focus of gifting is on family. What do you get mom? What about dad? What about crazy Uncle Irving? But what I really want to know, is what you are getting your faithful furry companion! If you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your pup, don’t worry too much […]

  • Zen Crate for Anxious Dogs


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    The Zen Dog Crate – Thinking Outside the Box

    Today, I discovered the Zen Dog Crate. Let me back up for a minute… If you have been a reader here for any amount of time, then you know that Jet struggles with Anxiety. Not just “anxiety”, but anxiety to which we have never found a solution. We have tried pills, potions, wraps, scents, sounds, toys…the […]

  • Flash Dog Costume

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    10 Things Every Geek Dog Owner Needs in Their Life

    Jet’s dad and I are, for lack of a better word, geeks. If it’s comic related, computer related, cult-trend related, or..well, even remotely geeky, we’re all over it. Unfortunately for Jet, this means that he too has been inducted into the geek club. Over the years we have found a ton of great geeky goodies […]

  • Dog Furniture Bed

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    Choosing a Dog Bed For Your Dog

    I can’t begin to count the number of dog beds we have been through over the years. We try one bed, it completely fails us, so we try another…and the cycle goes on. We have yet to find the “perfect bed” for us, but we have learned some great tips to help you to choose […]