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  • How to Save When Buying Dog Products

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    Dog Deal of the Day Sites and Deals on Dog Products

    I believe in getting a good deal. This is particularly important when shopping on a budget and when you have a special needs dog. With that said, even if you don’t need to shop for good deals, it’s always nice to get your hands on one. But us? We need to shop good deals.   […]

  • Doggie Bjorn

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    Five Really Weird Inventions for Dogs

    You know when you see an invention idea and you just have to wonder…? Check out five really weird inventions for dogs that will leave you wondering for days!   1. The Poo Trap I’m not sure about you, but I’m quite confident that there is a lot of dignity lost for anyone caught within […]

  • Four Paws Fetch 'n Treat

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    5 Interactive Dog Toys We Don’t Care For and Why

    Yesterday I made a post with 5 dog interactive dogs toys that we love and why we love them. While we were finding those toys that we love, we ran into some that we didn’t love all that much. so, today I want to share with you 5 interactive dog toys that we aren’t fond […]

  • Furbo

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    5 Interactive Dog Toys We Love and Why

    Now that Jet is older he doesn’t get as much physical exercise as he should. As an older dog with arthritis, hip dysplasia, heart disease, and a repaired CCL, this is expected. As a dog (and an intelligent working breed), however, this places an increased importance on mental stimulation. When Jet was a little more mobile, we […]

  • Big Dog Frog Costume

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    Big Dogs and Halloween

    I LOVE Halloween. I especially love Halloween when it comes to dogs in costume. As a big dog lover and a big dog owner, however, Halloween costumes present a challenge. I mean, at what point did the Halloween costume manufacturers for dogs decide – “Nope, no costume for him, he’s too big.” We have costumes […]

  • Diapers for Canine Fecal Incontinence

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    Diapers for Dogs with Fecal Incontinence

    Having a dog with incontinence is sometimes trying. It requires patience, a gentle approach, and, most of all, sanitation products that work. As Jet has aged, he has started to lose a lot of muscle mass and some nerve function in his hind end. As this has progressed, he has begun to experience periodic incontinence. […]

  • Kong Wobbler

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    5 Dog Products We LOVE And Why!

    Yesterday I shared 6 dog products that we really don’t care for in our household and why. Today I want to share with you 5 dog products that we love!   The Kong Wobbler Now that Jet is older and has quite severe arthritis as well as a previously repaired CCL tear and hip dysplasia, […]

  • Lickety Stik

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    6 Dog Products We HATE And Why

    If you didn’t already know by now, I am a discerning pet owner dog mom. What does that mean? It means that I do my research. It means that I am picky about what I give to my boy. It means that I don’t let cute marketing campaigns decide what I give to my dog. […]