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  • Dog Shampoo For Dogs


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    Using Human Shampoo on Dogs, What You Need to Know

     Many pet parents use human shampoo on dogs. After all, it gets our hair clean, shouldn’t it get theirs clean too? Plus…isn’t “dog shampoo” just a scam to get you to pay more for something you already own? Not so much. In fact, using human shampoo to bathe your dog can actually cause health problems […]

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    Low Sodium Kibble – Which Value is Important?

    Over the past few days, I made a few edits to the low phosphorus kibble spreadsheet to add more low sodium kibble values too. You will notice that on the spreadsheet, each kibble listed has three sodium values – As Fed %, Dry Matter % and mg/100 kcal. Each of these values is significant, but […]

  • 6 Alternative Treatment Options For Senior Dogs

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    6 Alternative Treatment Options For Senior Dogs

    When it comes to managing health conditions, alternative treatment options for senior dogs can be particularly beneficial. As pet parents, we do everything we can to make sure that our dogs’ senior years are as comfortable as possible. Sometimes that means dietary changes, sometimes it means medications, sometimes it means supplements, and sometimes it means […]

  • Can Dogs Drink Milk?

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    Can Dogs Drink Milk?

    Can Dogs Drink Milk? It’s a common question among dog owners and the most frequent answer is “No, dog’s are lactose intolerant!” But is that really the case? So, today I want to talk about dogs, milk, and lactose intolerance. Is what you know really true or are you believing a lie? Can Dogs Drink […]

  • Beware of Dog Sign

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    That Beware of Dog Sign…What You Need to Know

    Today I want to talk about that Beware of Dog sign and why it may be more important than you might realize. First, let me preface this post by stating VERY CLEARLY that I am NOT an attorney. The information in this post has been gathered from various sources and may change at any time. […]

  • How to Approach Someone With a Dog

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    How to Approach Someone With a Dog

    Something that I struggle with as the owner of an anxious dog is individuals who aren’t familiar with the proper etiquette of how to approach someone with a dog. Jet is a nervous dog. He is also a senior dog with poor eyesight. That means that when strangers come barrelling towards him, he becomes fearful. […]

  • 4 Studies That Prove Your Dog Is Awesome

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    4 Studies That Prove That Your Dog is Awesome!

    Lately, I’ve been reading far too many academic publications and research studies. In addition to neuropsychology, many of these articles have pertained to canine behavior and comprehension. Now, I know that not everyone is as intrigued by this type of read as I am, but today I want to share with you 4 studies from this month […]

  • 4 Dog Training Products We Hate and Why

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    4 Dog Training Products We Hate And Why

    Today I want to talk about something important – dog training products we hate. Why is this important? There are a million and one training products out there for dogs and as your dog’s owner, it’s up to you to find training products that work and that facilitate your dog’s success. While there are many […]

  • Owning a Senior Dog

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    Commonly Asked Questions About Owning a Senior Dog

    When people talk about adopting a new dog, they rarely talk about owning a senior dog. This lack of discussion is likely one reason why there are so many questions about senior dog ownership. As someone who champions senior dogs, I thought that today I would address some of the most commonly asked questions about […]