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  • What Can Coconut Oil Do For Your Dog

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    Coconut Oil and Your Dog

    Many people these days are incorporating coconut oil into their diet because of the health benefits that it has to offer, but did you know that coconut oil has a wide range of benefits for your dog too? From itchy skin to a compromised immune system, a spoonful of coconut oil can be just the […]

  • Budget Dog Food For Your Dog

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    Buying Budget Dog Food: When You Need to Cut Back

    In an ideal world, we would all eat gourmet meals and our dogs would eat the finest food available. Unfortunately, this isn’t an ideal world and sometimes we have to settle for frozen meals and budget dog food. If you are like me and have been spoiled by being able to feed your dog the […]

  • Heart Disease in Dogs

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    Kibble For Dogs with Heart Disease

    You might remember if you have been here for a while, that I have a spreadsheet of low phosphorus kibble options. These kibble options contain varied levels of phosphorus, all below .8 These kibble options contain varied levels of phosphorus, all below .8. I began researching them and keeping a spreadsheet after Jet developed struvite […]

  • Kibble

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    Are Corn, Wheat, and Grains Really Bad For Your Dog?

    Yesterday in my post about Jet’s veterinary history, I mentioned that he is a corn-free and wheat-free dog. The reason for Jet’s corn-free, wheat-free status is entirely due to his inability to process these ingredients. What does this mean? It means that when fed foods containing corn and wheat, Jet poops at LEAST five times […]

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    Low Phosphorus Dog Kibble Options

    **PLEASE NOTE, ALL BLUE BUFFALO FOODS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THIS POST DUE TO JET BECOMING SEVERELY ILL AFTER EATING A TAINTED BAG OF BLUE BUFFALO WILDERNESS!** If you have ever had to search through the thousands of dog kibble varieties out there for a specialized food that meets your dog’s needs, then you will […]