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  • First Aid Kit For Dogs

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    Build Your Own First Aid Kit For Your Dog

    They sell first aid kits built for dogs. I saw one the other day on a daily deal website. Pre-packed first aid kits for dogs are much the same as pre-packed first aid kits for people in that they are mostly filled with “fillers”. The best way to make sure that you actually have what […]

  • When is it Time?

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    …But How Do I Know When It’s Time?

    If you follow me on Twitter then you probably saw my tweet about my god-dog recently being diagnosed with cancer. I will refer to this beautiful 9-year old dog as “Lucy”. I call Lucy my god-dog because her sweet mother asked me one day if I would take her two beautiful dogs if anything were […]

  • Silver Labrador

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    The “Silver Lab” Controversy

    I’ve been called a “snob” because of my stance on the “silver Lab” controversy. While some may see me as a “snob”, I prefer to see myself as well informed. But if I am more educated than a “breeder”, then there’s a problem. So, what’s this all about?     The picture above is a […]

  • Diaper Bag

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    8 Awesome Hacks For Dog Owners!

    There are plenty of “hacks” out there, but the ones that interest me are dog-related, obviously. Today I want to share 8 awesome hacks for dog owners that I have come across over the years. Some, you may have heard of already, but hopefully, some are new to you and you can implement at home or on […]

  • Your Dog's Water Bowl

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    What is Really in Your Dog’s Water Bowl?

    Okay, it’s time for a little honesty. How many of you refill your dog’s water bowl on a daily basis? Raise your hands. And how many of you scrub and clean your dog’s water bowl with soap and water before you refill it? Keep them raised… That’s what I thought. Today we’re going to look […]

  • Aging in Dogs

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    Why Do Big Dogs Age Faster Than Small Dogs?

    It used to be that everyone believed that 1 dog year was equal to 7 human years. More accurate research has shown, however, that aging in dogs isn’t quite so simple.     Aging in dogs is governed by size. So the theory that all dogs age 7 years for 1 human year just doesn’t […]

  • Canine Syncope

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    What Do You Do When Your Dog Has a Syncope Episode?

    This afternoon Jet had a syncope episode. He has had them before and I’ve posted about them before here on Philosophy of Dog. This afternoon was the first time that it didn’t happen in the comfort of our home, though. Jet was out in the front yard with his dad when it happened and he […]

  • Respecting the Senior Dog

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    Being Respectful of a Senior Dog

      Having any dog in your home means being respectful of their needs. Most dog owners are familiar with the needs of the “average” dog, but seldom are they aware of the changing needs of the older dog. One of these changing needs is an increased need for respect. Respect of space, respect of personal needs, […]

  • Sundowning


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    Sundowner’s Syndrome in Senior Dogs

    In the past few months, Jet has begun to display signs of Sundowner’s Syndrome. If you have experience working with the elderly or with someone with dementia, then you may have heard of this term before. Sundowning is a term that was known in the Alzheimer’s and dementia circles, but a few years ago, veterinarians […]

  • Saint Bernard

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    Stop Walking Your Dogs in the Summer Heat!

    Today, the heat index here in North Carolina was 105°F. Frustratingly, I had to bear the heat to run a few errands and on my way home I saw something that made me so very frustrated – a man walking his dog. Not only was this a man walking a dog, this man was walking […]