How to Soothe An Anxious Dog

How to Soothe An Anxious Dog: 6 Tips to Try Before Medicating

Knowing how to soothe an anxious dog can be difficult. It's no secret that Jet is an anxious dog; he has been for all of his life. For most dogs, anxiety is a result of experience, but for Jet, I firmly…
4 Dog Training Products We Hate and Why

4 Dog Training Products We Hate And Why

Today I want to talk about something important - dog training products we hate. Why is this important? There are a million and one training products out there for dogs and as your dog's owner, it's up to you to…
Owning a Senior Dog

Commonly Asked Questions About Owning a Senior Dog

When people talk about adopting a new dog, they rarely talk about owning a senior dog. This lack of discussion is likely one reason why there are so many questions about senior dog ownership. As someone who champions senior dogs,…
10 Statistics Every Dog Owner Should Know

8 Statistics Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

There are many statistics about dogs and dog ownership, but today I want to cover 8 that every dog owner should know. From puppyhood to death, these 8 statistics span the lifetime of your dog and may even help you to be…
Things Your Senior Dog Wants You To Know

11 Things Your Senior Dog Wants You To Know

Every dog wishes that communication with their human was a little easier, but there are some things your senior dog wants you to know. Like special needs dogs, senior dogs have needs and desires that differ from your "average" dog.…
Bernese Mountain Dog

8 Things You Really Need to Stop Doing to Your Dog

Chances are that if you are reading my blog, you are a dog lover. Even dog lovers take things a little too far sometimes, though. I know what you're thinking - "Who? Me?" Yes, you. While we may be dog…