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  • Dog Body Language

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    Reading Dog Body Language: Stress Related Cues

    Why is Dog Body Language Important? Dog body language is the single method of communication that your dog has to convey their mood and physical health. For humans, body language refers to posture, non-verbal cues, and actions. This is no different for dogs, however, reading dog body language can present some challenges for non-dogs. Dog Body […]

  • When you need to say no, you may not pet my dog

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    How to Politely Say No, You May Not Pet My Dog

    If you have a dog with leash reactivity, anxiety, aggression concerns, or if you have a dog in training, telling people “no, you may not pet my dog” can be troubling. Today I want to talk about how to go about it. A Common Occurrence Over the years there have been more situations than I […]

  • Philosophy of Dog Senior Pets

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    The Importance of Respite Care For Senior Pet Parents

    Being a caretaker is hard. It drains you physically, mentally, and emotionally. You spend your “off time” researching medications, supplements, aiding devices, diets, and exercises. Although that “off time” is seldom found because when you aren’t being a caretaker, you are working overtime to pay for those medications, supplements, aiding devices, diets, and exercise tools. […]

  • First Aid Kit For Dogs

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    Build Your Own First Aid Kit For Your Dog

    They sell first aid kits built for dogs. I saw one the other day on a daily deal website. Pre-packed first aid kits for dogs are much the same as pre-packed first aid kits for people in that they are mostly filled with “fillers”. The best way to make sure that you actually have what […]

  • When is it Time?

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    …But How Do I Know When It’s Time?

    If you follow me on Twitter then you probably saw my tweet about my god-dog recently being diagnosed with cancer. I will refer to this beautiful 9-year old dog as “Lucy”. I call Lucy my god-dog because her sweet mother asked me one day if I would take her two beautiful dogs if anything were […]

  • Diaper Bag

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    8 Awesome Hacks For Dog Owners!

    There are plenty of “hacks” out there, but the ones that interest me are dog-related, obviously. Today I want to share 8 awesome hacks for dog owners that I have come across over the years. Some, you may have heard of already, but hopefully, some are new to you and you can implement at home or on […]

  • Aging in Dogs

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    Why Do Big Dogs Age Faster Than Small Dogs?

    It used to be that everyone believed that 1 dog year was equal to 7 human years. More accurate research has shown, however, that aging in dogs isn’t quite so simple.     Aging in dogs is governed by size. So the theory that all dogs age 7 years for 1 human year just doesn’t […]

  • Respecting the Senior Dog

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    Being Respectful of a Senior Dog

      Having any dog in your home means being respectful of their needs. Most dog owners are familiar with the needs of the “average” dog, but seldom are they aware of the changing needs of the older dog. One of these changing needs is an increased need for respect. Respect of space, respect of personal needs, […]

  • Money

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    What to Do When You Need Help Affording Your Dog

    Even the best, most loving dog parents experience financial setbacks. Occasionally, these setbacks mean cutting corners and downgrading food brands…the little things that add up to the big things. Occasionally, however, these setbacks mean having to turn somewhere for help. But where do you go?     When you are facing a financial crisis and […]

  • Jet Copyright of

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    Making Hard Decisions…

    When you talk about making hard decisions and pet ownership, there is one decision that immediately springs to mind. There are a lot of hard decisions to make as a pet parent, though, not just that one. One of the most difficult parts of being a dog mom for me, especially to a senior dog, […]

  • Phone Numbers for Pet Emergencies

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    Emergency Pet Resources You Should Have Bookmarked

    Throughout the years of owning a dog, there are going to be times when you find yourself in need of one resource or another. Whether you are looking for information on your dog’s vitals or information on toxin ingestion, I can guarantee that you will turn to everyone’s friend – Google. To save you a […]