When is it Time?

…But How Do I Know When It’s Time?

If you follow me on Twitter then you probably saw my tweet about my god-dog recently being diagnosed with cancer. I will refer to this beautiful 9-year old dog as "Lucy". I call Lucy my god-dog because her sweet mother…
Diaper Bag

8 Awesome Hacks For Dog Owners!

There are plenty of "hacks" out there, but the ones that interest me are dog-related, obviously. Today I want to share 8 awesome hacks for dog owners that I have come across over the years. Some, you may have heard of…
Aging in Dogs

Why Do Big Dogs Age Faster Than Small Dogs?

It used to be that everyone believed that 1 dog year was equal to 7 human years. More accurate research has shown, however, that aging in dogs isn't quite so simple.     Aging in dogs is governed by size.…
Respecting the Senior Dog

Being Respectful of a Senior Dog

  Having any dog in your home means being respectful of their needs. Most dog owners are familiar with the needs of the "average" dog, but seldom are they aware of the changing needs of the older dog. One of these…

What to Do When You Need Help Affording Your Dog

Even the best, most loving dog parents experience financial setbacks. Occasionally, these setbacks mean cutting corners and downgrading food brands...the little things that add up to the big things. Occasionally, however, these setbacks mean having to turn somewhere for help.…
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Making Hard Decisions…

When you talk about making hard decisions and pet ownership, there is one decision that immediately springs to mind. There are a lot of hard decisions to make as a pet parent, though, not just that one. One of the…