Travel At Night

5 Tips to Make Traveling with Your Dog Easier This Holiday Season

We are just over a week away from Christmas. If you're like many dog owners, this means traveling with your dog in the next few days.   I hate traveling. Don't get me wrong, I love being at my destination,…
Saint Bernard

Stop Walking Your Dogs in the Summer Heat!

Today, the heat index here in North Carolina was 105°F. Frustratingly, I had to bear the heat to run a few errands and on my way home I saw something that made me so very frustrated - a man walking…
Prong Collar

Prong Collars, Shock Collars, Pinch Collars, Oh My!

I believe that the approach to training dogs should be the same as a doctor's approach to medicine - First, do no harm. I have always had excellent results when training dogs using this approach. If I have to use…
Kids And Dogs Youtube

Why That YouTube Video Wasn’t As Funny As You Think

Search YouTube for 'Kids and Dogs' and you'll get over 12 million videos. Of those 12 MILLION videos, it is guaranteed that at a minimum 75% of them are examples of what not to do when you get a kid…