Making A Senior Dog Memorial Shadowbox For Jet

Jet's Shadowbox Copyright

After losing Jet, I decided I wanted to make a dog memorial shadowbox for him to keep his things safe and to remember his beautiful face.

Today I want to share our shadowbox with you and how I put it together!

Now, I happen to be a craftsperson and had a couple of unused gift cards at home, but this is still a pretty affordable project if you don’t.

I got all of our supplies from Michaels and ETSY.

The Making of Jet’s Senior Dog Memorial Shadowbox

I started with this 14″ x 22″ shadowbox from Michaels. It’s around 1 1/2″ deep.

This one retails for $49.99, but Michaels accepts competitors coupons and I had a 50% off AC Moore coupon, so I got this one for $25.

I also picked up a sheet of silver glitter cardstock for $1.59

Black Cardstock

And a sheet of black cardstock for $0.79.

I printed out my four quotes using my printer at home:

“…More than the world” “…More than the moon” “…More than the galaxy” “…More than the universe”

I chose these quotes because every night with goodnight kisses, we would tell Jet that was how much we loved him.

I used a guillotine paper cutter to cut out the quotes.

Then I cut a small piece of the black cardstock to go behind each quote with a small margin. I used double-sided tape to stick the quotes on the black cardstock.

Then I cut a small piece of the silver cardstock to go behind the black cardstock with a small margin to give it a double matted look. I used double take to stick the black cardstock on the silver cardstock.

I then used a measuring tape and double-sided adhesive squares to stick the matted quotes to the shadowbox background.

I did the same thing for the poem “Waiting at the Door” that I chose to include.

I wanted to include three 4″ x 6″ photos in my shadowbox so I picked up three 5″ x 7″ double photo mats from Michaels for $2.99 each. My mats are white on white (the black is just the label), but they do have other color options or single mats if you are looking for a cheaper option. I then asked Jet’s daddy to run to the drugstore and print out three photos which were $0.49c each.

I used double-sided tape and double-sided adhesive squares to stick the mats together and the photo to the mats. I did the same to stick the matted photos to the shadowbox background.

World Paper

I wanted to use something in the background for a little dimension without being too busy, so I got a sheet of “world print” paper for $0.69. I cut this to size with the section I wanted showing.

I used double-sided adhesive squares to stick the paper to the shadowbox background.

I wanted an astronomy theme because of the quotes I printed out, so I picked up this patch from MT Threadz on ETSY. It cost $8.70 including shipping and the thread glows in the dark.

This is an iron on patch, so I used double-sided adhesive squares to stick it to the background of the shadowbox.

Glow Moon Decal

I also got this 4″ x 4″ glow moon sticker from Bright Future Heirloom on ETSY for $11.25 including shipping. It glows REALLY brightly and I love it!

Since this is a decal, I just had to peel off the backing to stick it to the shadowbox background.

Our vet made us a clay paw print so I included that in our shadowbox. If your pup hasn’t passed yet, I highly recommend making your own using a kit from Amazon! (I like this one because of the Sculpey name and because it has a hanging ribbon)

I used lots of double-sided adhesive squares to stick this to the shadowbox background.


The shadowbox I bought came with four pearl headed pins which were enough to pin Jet’s collar and his nametag to the background of the shadowbox. I also used some double-sided adhesive squares to make sure that his tag stayed in place.

If your shadowbox doesn’t come with pins, you can pick up a pack for a few dollars from Michaels sewing section.

Jet's Shadowbox Copyright

Here is the final result before the glass frame goes on – the glass frame made too much glare to show everything nicely so I took the photo before!

In total making Jet’s dog memorial shadowbox cost me around $59. As I mentioned before, I had a few unused gift cards so I actually only ended up paying out of pocket for the photo prints. Of course, your cost will depend on the decorative items you use, you can definitely cut your cost here depending on your theme and the items you choose.

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and I hope Jet is too <3

Senior Dog Memorial Shadowbox

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  1. Marcy Elliott-Rupert
    June 3, 2017

    I love the details in this. I also think I can sense a calmness that comes from the process. In making beauty from the darkness, Jet’s spirit is closer.

    • June 3, 2017

      It was a very cathartic process, making order out of chaos <3

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