Featured Senior Rescue Dog: Samson

You all were AMAZING at helping us to find Pops a forever family in record time! Now it’s time to help another sweet senior pup named Samson.

Featured Senior Rescue Dog: Samson

Here’s a little poster telling you all about what a special dog Samson is! 

Rescue Samson

Name: Samson

Age: 8 years

Breed: Black Lab

Neutered: Yes

Housetrained: Yes

Good with Dogs: Yes

Good on a Leash: Yes

Energy Level: Medium, a couple of good long walks daily will keep this boy happy!

Health: Good! Samson is in good health for being 8-years-old! He came to his rescue group heartworm positive, but the vet put him on a heartworm slow kill protocol and he has been doing well on that for three months now! His heartworm treatment will be completed before he is adopted to his forever family home.

Loves: Being with his people, walks, TREATS!

Notes: Samson would prefer a home where his people aren’t gone all day, although he loves the companionship of other dogs, he really loves his people best.

Location: Eastern Connecticut

Adoption Application: LabAdore Retrievers Rescue, Inc.

More About Samson:

Samson was rescued from a high kill shelter in the Southern U.S. where shelters are constantly overloaded and older black dogs don’t stand a chance. Add in that Samson was heartworm positive and this sweet boy was doomed.

Fortunately, Labadoreinc.com took him under their wing and now he is settled up in Eastern Connecticut with his foster family! A good bath and a trip to the vet, and Samson was soon on his way to the life every dog deserves.

Samson’s vet decided to put him on the slow kill heartworm protocol to clear his heartworm and three months later, Samson is well into treatment and doing great! His treatment will be complete before he is released to his furever family, so you don’t have to worry about that!

Here is a photo of Samson at the shelter before he was rescued!


Here is another photo of Samson at the shelter. He was a bit scared there, but we don’t blame him!


Here is a photo of Samson right after he was rescued, he still looks pretty nervous here! Poor boy doesn’t know how good life can be for a pup like him.


Here is a photo of Samson that same day, he was still pretty unsure what the heck was going on!


Samson begins to let his guard down just a little bit as he realizes that his life has changed for the better!


All the newness can really wear a dog out! Samson can’t believe he doesn’t have to sleep on that cold shelter floor anymore!


After a good night of sleep, Samson wasn’t quite sure about being outside…they didn’t do this at the shelter!

Samson Outside

Samson’s fur-foster brothers and sisters soon show him that playing outside can be fun!


Wonder of wonders, a little encouragement was all it took to bring out that big, bright, beautiful smile!

Samson Smile

Think that you could teach Samson more about the wonders a REAL dog life has to offer?

Fill in your application now at LabAdore Retrievers Rescue, Inc!

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