Ten Handmade Dog Collars We Love!

Handmade Custom Dog Collar

Handmade dog collars are one of my favorite dog accessories. Not only because I can appreciate the work that goes into them, but also because they offer so much more variety than store brand collars!

Today I want to share ten of my favorite handmade dog collars that we have fallen in love with!

Ten Handmade Dog Collars We Love

Handmade Dog Collars

1. The American Heartbeat Collar by Wakakan

I love the print on this collar and the sturdy snap buckle. It retails for just $19.99 but since the maker lives in Spain your shipping cost is hefty at $14! They offer multiple width and length sizes and the option of a silver or gold buckle.

Get this one at Amazon’s Handmade Dog Collars Section

Handmade Custom Dog Collar

2. The Hawaiian Polyester Webbing Dog Collar with Laser Engraved Personalized Buckle by Flying Dog

I have a thing for the Hawaiian print collars and this one definitely fits the bill. Add on that you can personalize the buckle and choose from a blue, pink, black, or red color and it’s as good as it gets! You can also choose from a plastic or metal buckle (go with the metal!), choose from a variety of lengths, and choose the font for your three lines of font. This collar comes from North Dakota so your shipping cost is just $4.99, but the cost of the collar itself is $34.99. If you ask me it’s worth it for the engraved buckle and print!

Get this handmade custom dog collar in Amazon’s handmade section here

Custom Leather Dog Collar

3. Brass Buckle Padded Leather Dog Collar with Personalized Nameplate by Collar Direct

I love the combination of color and leather on this brass buckle collar and the personalized nameplate just tops it off. I do find that traditional buckle collars are a pain to take on and off – we never leave collars on in the house. You can choose sizing between small and extra large and of course you get to personalize your nameplate text. This collar costs between $9.99 and $25.99 depending on size and shipping is $4.80. This shop owner is in the Ukraine, though, so it’s going to take a little while to receive your collar once you purchase!

Get your personalized leather collar with nameplate at the Collar Direct ETSY store

preppy dog collar

4. Brown Tweed Herringbone Dog Collar by MattieandMargot

I love the formal look to this collar, it’s perfect for the more sophisticated dog! Handmade with a metal clip buckle, this collar is available in small, medium, and large which limits sizing slightly. All sizes of this collar run at $42 with $4.50 shipping from California so this isn’t a very affordable piece but it is so cute!

Pick up your handmade dog collars from MattieandMargot on ETSY

Cherry Blossom Dog Collar

5. Padded Leather Dog Collar with Cherry Blossoms by DieselDogWear

This is by far the most expensive collar on the list at $225 plus $4.49 shipping, but it’s too beautiful not to make the list. A gorgeous teal leather with painted cherry blossoms, this collar has a padded underside and a silver belt buckle type closure. These collars are all hand-tooled in Wisconsin and a gorgeous way to spoil your pup!

Grab a luxury padded leather dog collar from DieselDogWear on Amazon

Colorful Dog Collar

6. The Roxy Dog Collar with Optional BFF Bracelet by Three Dogs Boutique

I not only LOVE how bright this collar is – it’s sometimes hard to find collars that look bright enough against black fur! – but I also love the fact that you can get a matching BFF bracelet! The quality on these fabric pieces is incredible and they come with either plastic of metal clip buckles (go for metal!) Pricing ranges from $21 to $28 depending on whether you want a matching bracelet and what size collar you need. You can choose from XS to XL collars and from 5/8″ or 1″ width. Shipping on this set is free!

Get your colorful handmade dog collars with matching friendship bracelet in the Three Dogs Boutique ETSY store!

Sugar Skull Collar

7. Sugar Skull Handmade Dog Collars by Three Dogs Boutique

This is another great collar from Three Dogs Boutique and this one has the option of a matching key fob! I have always loved sugar skull print but I do like the muted color scheme on this collar. Like the other Three Dogs Boutique piece, you can opt for a metal or plastic clip buckle and for this one you can choose from XS to XL. Pricing is from $21 to $28 depending on your selections as noted above. Shipping on this one is free too!

Get your sugar skull collar from the Three Dogs Boutique ETSY store!

Plaid Dog Collar

8. Handmade Plaid Dog Collar by Zaley Designs

Red plaid looks fabulous on dark coated dogs and this is a gorgeous tight plaid print. I love the gold colored accents, I think they really set off the plaid pattern much better than silver would (although you can get silver if you prefer.) Price ranges from $25 to $30 depending on whether you pick gold or silver hardware for your collar. You can choose from XS to L sizing, but this one is definitely not sized for bigger breeds! Shipping is just $3.95 and comes from Texas.

Pickup a handmade plaid dog collar from Zaley Designs ETSY store

Tooled Leather Collar

9. Hand Tooled Padded Leather Dog Collar from Soft Touch Collars

If you are a fan of leather dog collars then you will love the softness of these soft touch collars, not to mention the detail of the hand tooling and stitching. Each collar is handmade and comes with lacquered brass hardware. You can choose from black or brown leather, but sizing is limited to medium and large so this isn’t one for the smaller dogs. Pricing is $27.95 for the medium collar and $29.95 for the large and shipping is free!

Get your hand tooled padded leather dog collar from Soft Touch Collars on Amazon

Glow in the Dark Star Collar

10. The Glow in the Dark Stars Dog Collar from DusiDog

I’m still a kid at heart when it comes to glow in the dark anything and this star collar is no exception! The dark blue background contrasts perfectly with the glow in the dark star constellations and the silver hardware is ideal. This collar is available in three widths: 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ and four lengths: 6″-10″, 10″-15″, 15″-20″, and 20″-26″. Price ranges from $25 to $35 depending on the width you select and shipping is just $3.75 from Rhode Island!

Get your glow in the dark star dog collar from the DusiDog store on ETSY

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