I Need Your Help

Jet Philosophy of Dog

I don’t just want your help, I need your help.

I don’t know if my boy is dying, if he is experiencing complications from heart disease, or if this is another glitch of seniorhood.

I don’t know and I usually do know, and it’s scary as hell.


Jet Philosophy of Dog


Since he was 8 weeks old and a tiny ball of fluff, Jet has been my son.

I know that a lot of two-legger parents roll their eyes at this, but please don’t.

Not all of us are blessed with two-legged children and even some of us who are, have the extra love to give. And who is it hurting?

And now my son is hurting and for the first time, I can’t find the resources to make that hurting stop.

Together, we have tackled hip dysplasia, a torn CCL, a foreign object ingestion, dog bites, a brown recluse bite, a medication reaction, a benign tumor, a malignant hemangiosarcoma, four and a half years of heart disease, dog food poisoning, and I’m sure I’m forgetting more.

My boy has been picked on by other dogs, tortured by the poor genetics of being a puppy mill dog and just about as accident prone as they get. But together we always found answers. I always found a way to “fix it”.

Over the years I can’t count the number of times that people have said “He sure is lucky that you’re his mom. Any other pet parent would have given up a long time ago.” And I’d always shrug and say “but there is no other choice…”

There never has been any other choice but taking care of him. He’s my son.

But now we are in crisis.

I have applied for countless credit cards and credit lines, and asked for limit increases on existing cards only to be told that my credit is too poor – a result of a cut in work hours and the resulting financial difficulties.

I have contacted numerous rescues and charities, but being the end of the year, they are all tapped out. They have nothing to give.

I have set up advertisements and affiliate links on our blog, but our blog is so “new” that income is minimal.

I have sold everything that is worth anything already to keep our utilities connected.

I have taken on over time, but as it stands we are barely living paycheck to paycheck.

I have asked family and friends and all have given what they can, but we are still in dire straits.

There are no words for how much I feel less than.

My sweet senior boy deserves more. But I’m not giving up, there has to be an answer.

So, I am coming to you. I am asking you to help us.

I have been in your shoes. I know it’s hard to know who to give to.

There are so many dogs, so many charities, so many people in need and I am no more worthy than any of them.

But for everything my boy has given me, for the 15 years of comfort, for his unconditional devotion, for his understanding. for his comfort through my baby brother’s years of addiction, for his companionship through a fire that took our home, for his grief “counseling” following the sudden death of the same brother I mentioned before,  for his complete and utter unselfishness, I have to lay it all out on the line.

Never once has Jet said to me “I can’t” and he deserves a mom who has that same tenacity.


Philosophy of Dog You Caring


*If you can help, please know that your donations will go directly to Jet’s immediate vet care. Our initial visit will consist of a cardiac ultrasound, a complete blood panel and a set of chest x-rays as well as a possible spleen ultrasound due to his history with hemangiosarcoma, to help to determine the cause of Jet’s recent collapse*

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