Jet Struggles With a Twizzler

Jet as a Puppy Eats a Twizzler

Once upon a time, a little fuzzy Labrador found his way into our home and our hearts.

I had been without a dog for far too long as I finished my undergraduate degree and, as my fellow dog-lovers know, I felt like a piece of my soul was missing without one.

So, with a lot of promises to take full responsibility, I convinced Jet’s dad that we needed a dog.

It wasn’t that he was against the idea of a dog, but he lived an independent lifestyle. He liked to know that at the drop of a hat he could be on the road. On top of that, his decor preference was sterile – white duvet cover, white furniture, everything with its place…

I know, I can hear you laughing now. Poor Jet’s dad. But I like to think that for what he gave up for us, he has been rewarded a million times over by our sweet little boy.

It hasn’t always been easy, it never is, but there have been plenty of moments like this.



When a piece of Twizzler fell out of unsteady hands and stuck between young Jet’s eyes, he was puzzled.

He was perhaps more puzzled that mom and dad couldn’t stop laughing, but he was determined to get that thing off no matter what it took.

Unsurprisingly, he figured out a way to get it off his head and into his mouth and he has had a penchant for Twizzlers ever since.

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