14 Cheap Life Hacks For Dog Owners

Dryer Sheet

Life hacks for dog owners are a great way to make things easier, but they sometimes come with a price. Today, however, I’m talking about 14 life hacks for dog owners that are feasible for those of us on a budget!

14 Cheap Life Hacks for Dog Owners!

Life Hacks for Dog Owners

1. Use a shower cap to keep water out of your dog’s ears when giving them a bath! This is particularly helpful for dogs with pendulous ears who are prone to ear infections.

Dryer Sheet2. Rub a chemical free dryer sheet over your dog’s coat as a thunderstorm is rolling in to reduce signs of anxiety. Many times a dog with anxiety related to thunderstorms is on edge due to a build up of static electricity that can be discharged with a dryer sheet.

Keep Dog Food Fresh

3. Use a cereal keeper to take your dog’s food to the vet when they go boarding or in the car for road trips! This keeps bags from ripping, avoids bulky storage containers, keeps food from getting stale, is watertight and makes pouring food easy!

4. Put a dollop of dish soap on a cotton ball and rub it over a tick for a few minutes to get it to release from your dog’s skin.

Reuse a syrup bottle

5. Thoroughly wash a syrup bottle and fill it with your dog’s shampoo to make an easy to handle shampoo bottle when your hand space is limited.


6. Rub an unshelled walnut in circular motions over the length of a scratch in wooden floors or furniture, then polish with a clean dry cloth to reduce the appearance of scratches!

Baking Soda

7. Sprinkle baking soda over your carpet using a sieve and allow it to sit to soak up “doggy odor”. After letting the baking soda sit for as long as possible, vacuum it up and you’re good to go!

8. While we’re talking about baking soda, keep some handy when cutting your dog’s nails in case you clip the quick and have no styptic powder.

Squegee9. Use a shower squeegee to pick up dog hair from your carpet in one easy sweep!

10.  Combine 1 cup Dawn dish soap, 1 cup vinegar, and 1 quart of warm water to make a flea killing chemical free shampoo. Just work up a lather with this shampoo and let it sit on your dog’s coat for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Cookie Sheet Feeder11. Can’t afford a slow feeder or not looking to spend the extra cash? Sprinkle your dog’s meals on a clean cookie sheet instead!

12. Rub a balloon on the sofa to create static electricity and then use it to easily pick up dog hair from hardwood or tile floors!

13. Use chalk to draw a circle around your dog’s bowls to prevent ants from infesting their food or water!

14. If your dog has a sweet tooth but hates taking pills, use the built-in pocket in a hulled strawberry for a natural pill pocket. Other dog-safe fruits work too!

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