A Look Back at the Snoozer Forgiveness Senior Dog Bed

Senior Dog BedYou may recall that around four months ago I posted about our new senior dog bed, the Snoozer Forgiveness Bed.

There was plenty to love about the bed – the all around bolsters, the completely removable covers, the size, the support…but how has it been holding up?

Well, today I’m here to tell you that it’s holding up amazingly well!

The Perfect Senior Dog Bed – The Snoozer Forgiveness Bed

If you remember my original post about this senior dog bed, you will recall my saying that the bed is completely washable. At the time, I don’t think I registered exactly what that meant.

When we first got the bed, Jet had partial fecal incontinence. With the help of diapers and blankets, we rarely had accidents that required the bed covers to be washed regularly. Once in a while, it happened, but not all that much.

Well, since that time, Jet has begun with slight urinary incontinence when he tries to hold it for too long or drinks too much.

Urinary incontinence and I are NOT friends.

Unlike fecal incontinence, urinary incontinence is much harder to contain when accidents happen. Belly bands help, but accidents still happen and when they do that urine soaks through the bed before you have a second to think.

Yup, within seconds, you have a soaked blanket, a soaked bed cover, and a soaked mattress.

This is where the lightbulb went off.

When Snoozer says that the Forgiveness bed is completely washable, they mean that it is COMPLETELY washable.


Let me show you what I mean…and forgive the quality of the pictures…

Snoozer Forgiveness Mattress
On the Snoozer website, they say that the mattress of the Forgiveness bed is made from Low-density polyethylene. It has a plastic like feel to it and is supportive and springy to the touch.

Now, I’m not big on LDPE in general, while it’s considered safe, it isn’t terribly good for the environment. That said, it is breathable and washable.




I know this for a fact because yesterday Jet’s daddy took it out on the deck and thoroughly cleaned it using the hose and a bucket of soapy water.

If you don’t have experience with urinary incontinence in any way then you can’t understand how amazingly beneficial this is.

The smell of urine sticks to EVERYTHING. That means that without a washable mattress or waterproof sheets (which make dog beds slippery and noisy), you have a room that permanently smells like urine.

Not anymore.

The mattress hosed off quickly and dries just as quickly since it’s so airy. (We did put a fan out to help speed up drying so Jet could have his bed back ASAP!)

As for the rest of the bed?

That long white pillow forms the bed bolster and slips right out of the cover. It can be washed. The Stitch pillow pet and patterned pillow didn’t come with the bed, though, sorry!

The cover of the bed unzips easily and goes right in the washer – plush topper and all.

So, when Snoozer says that the Forgiveness senior dog bed is completely washable, they mean that it’s COMPLETELY washable. Bed cover, mattress, bolster pillows…all of it.

But that price tag…

I know, the Forgiveness bed is expensive, particularly if you have a large breed dog, but it’s worth the cost.


First, there is no flattening of the bed like you get with traditional dog beds.

Second, there is no lingering odor like you get with memory foam dog beds.

Third, the bolster pillow remains supportive and doesn’t flatten or flop over time.

Fourth, the quality of the bed itself means that you won’t be buying a new dog bed every year…come on, you know you do…

Fifth, it’s a much more hygienic bed since it can be washed in its entirety when needed.

Think the Snoozer Forgiveness senior dog bed might be the right choice for you? Pick one up here!

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