Memorializing Your Senior Dog

Rainbow Bridge Frame

Memorializing Your Senior DogI’ve been thinking a lot about how you go about memorializing your senior dog.

It’s been a week since we had to put our sweet old boy to sleep. It’s been a hard week and I think part of what is getting us through is sharing memories of Jet.

The hard part about losing a dog as special as Jet is that no matter what you do to memorialize them, it just doesn’t seem like enough.

I have bounced so many ideas back and forth this week – how do I really celebrate his life?

Yes, they say that opening your heart to another dog is a good way to honor your lost pup, but we’re not in that place yet. Bringing a new dog home so soon would only leave me comparing that pup to Jet and that’s not fair for anyone. So, I’ve been looking into other ways to honor our old man’s memory and our life together and I came across some really sweet ideas.

10 Ideas For Memorializing Your Senior Dog

Make a Canvas Print of Your Dog

1. Make a canvas print of your favorite photo of your dog by purchasing a discount deal on Groupon! We got this one a few years ago from Groupon and Canvas People.

Memorial Lantern2. Make or buy a memorial lantern with a flameless candle that honors your dog’s life and provides a light to “guide them home”.

Rainbow Bridge Frame

3. Add your dog’s photo to a Rainbow Bridge photo frame.

Dog Memorial Plaque4. Create a customized memorial plaque to display in your home.

Dog Collar Frame5. Frame your dog’s collar with a beautiful photograph.

Shadow Box Memorial

6. Create a shadow box memorial for your dog. You can include their collar, a lock of fur, their paw print, a photo, their favorite toy or blanket, and anything else you would like.

Dog Memorial Figurine7. Purchase a simple memorial figurine like this angel and dog figurine from Willow Tree!

Memorial Candle8. Set up a memorial candle for your dog. I prefer the flameless candles that are safer for your home and won’t ever melt down.

Carved Photo Light

9. Have a carved photo light made with your dog’s photo. These hand carved lights from Light Affection are beautiful.

The Living Urn10. Keep your pet’s ashes in a unique or personalized urn like this biodegradable tree urn rather than a traditional urn.

So What Do We Plan to Do For Jet?

What you choose to do when memorializing your senior dog is a very personal decision. We already have a large canvas print of Jet and a framed ink paw print that we made ourselves a few years ago. We also chose to get a unique heart-shaped urn for Jet’s ashes and I also plan to create a shadowbox with his collar and a few other tidbits later this week.

What did you so when memorializing your senior dog? Leave a comment and let us know!

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