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Jet Has Got Some Moves

My dog can dance. No, really. Not too long ago Jet was fast asleep when "Cracks Flux Pavillion Remix" by the Freestylers featuring Belle Humble, came on the radio. Things were quiet for a short while...and then the chorus hit.…
Jet and His Baby Copyright Philosophy of Dog

10 Things to Know About Having Senior Dogs

When you're preparing to bring a new puppy home, advice abounds. When that puppy becomes a senior dog or when you bring a new senior dog home, however, advice can be harder to come by. So today, I wanted to…
Life with an Anxious Dog Copyright PhilosophyofDog.com

Life With An Anxious Dog

If you have ever had a dog with anxiety then you will know that there are anxious dogs and then there are ANXIOUS dogs. Jet is of the latter persuasion, so today I want to talk to you a little…
Dogs with Scars

I’m Not Always a Bait Dog…

I spend a lot of time working online with various animal rescue groups, particularly dog rescue groups. Once in a while, a dog pops up with scars. The inevitable response from at least one commenter is - "Poor thing, he/she…
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The Cost of Owning a Dog

Once upon a time, my lumbering senior Labrador was a tiny, naked belly having, bundle. One thing my boy has never been, however, is cheap. If Jet was a person, he'd be the kind that ordered the 8lb, fresh Maine…
Canine Hemangiosarcoma

Canine Hemangiosarcoma – AKA How Jet Kicked Cancer’s Butt

Let me preface by telling you that the pictures included in this post are graphic. There is blood, open wounds, and stitches. There is also cancer. A rapidly growing, highly invasive cancer. That Jet survived. Let me start from the…
The Best Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs

The Best Supplies for the Senior Dog

After yesterday's post, I was reflecting upon the time it has taken us to find supplies that work for our needs as a senior dog household.   There has been plenty of trial and error as we try to find…