Aroma Paws All Natural Dog Shampoo

6 Chemical Free Dog Shampoo Options For Your Senior Dog

There are so many dog shampoo options on the market, but we believe that chemical free dog shampoo is always best. With so many different shampoo options to choose from, though, how do you know which one is best? Well,…
Things Your Senior Dog Wants You To Know

11 Things Your Senior Dog Wants You To Know

Every dog wishes that communication with their human was a little easier, but there are some things your senior dog wants you to know. Like special needs dogs, senior dogs have needs and desires that differ from your "average" dog.…
Bernese Mountain Dog

8 Things You Really Need to Stop Doing to Your Dog

Chances are that if you are reading my blog, you are a dog lover. Even dog lovers take things a little too far sometimes, though. I know what you're thinking - "Who? Me?" Yes, you. While we may be dog…
Fecal Incontinence and Your Dog

Fecal Incontinence and Your Dog: A Survival Guide Part II

In my last post, I talked about fecal incontinence and your dog and how you can prepare with the right supplies. Supplies make coping easier, but they are certainly not all you need in your arsenal as you set out…
Fecal Incontinence in Dogs

Fecal Incontinence and Your Dog: A Survival Guide

It was just over a year ago that Jet began experiencing fecal incontinence. The first time it happened was when he had an intestinal bug. At the time, we put his incontinence down to the bug and didn't think much…
Why is My Dog Pacing?

Why Is My Dog Pacing?

Something that I hear often in the foster, rescue, and the canine community in general, are questions pertaining to behavioral issues. One question that pops up repeatedly is: why is my dog pacing? Today I want to cover 5 of…
Talk to Your Senior Dog

5 Things You Can Do to Help with Your Dog’s Failing Eyesight

There are numerous things that can impact your dog's eyesight, most notably, age. As your senior dog gets older, you may notice that they begin to stumble or move uncertainly in areas where they were once more confident. As Jet…