9 Pet Loss Gifts For the Grieving Dog Parent

Dog Memorial Portrait

These 9 pet loss gifts for the grieving dog parent are a great way to let someone know that you are keeping them in your thoughts.

When we lost Jet, a couple of neighbors brought us cards and flowers.

There was something about those cards and flowers that was so meaningful – they didn’t just say “we’re thinking of you” or “we’re sorry”, but they recognized how important Jet was to us. They let us know that our loss was important, that Jet was important.

One of the things I notice frequently in the dog lover community is just how much compassion we have for each other at times like this. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be challenging to find that compassion or understanding from others. This all goes back…I suppose…to the “just a dog” frame of mind.

For those of us who do “get it”, though, I want to share a few unique and thoughtful gift ideas for the grieving pet parent in your life.

9 Pet Loss Gifts for the Grieving Dog Parent

Pet Loss Gifts Memorial Pillow

1. A Customized Pet Memorial Pillow

This pet memorial pillow from LuxePets on ETSY is a beautiful and non-traditional way to let someone know that you care. There are three material choices for your pillow and you also get to select your dog’s breed.

Cost: $30 – $40  Buy the Customized Pet Memorial Pillow Here on ETSY


Dog Memorial Gift

2. PawPrints Left By You Gift Set

This thoughtful gift set comes with a notecard printed with the poem “Pawprints Left By You”, a memorial keychain that says “Miss You Every Day”, and a small memory card printed with the poem “Just a Memory Away”. It’s a simple gift idea, but one that shows that you care.

Cost $22:  Buy the Pawprints Left By You Pet Memorial Gift Set at Amazon


Dog Memorial Keychain

3. Always In My Heart Dog Memorial Keychain

It may seem simple, but this keychain is a great token for any grieving pet parent and a way to remember those sweet four paws no matter where they are.

Cost: $8.50  Buy the Always in my Heart Memorial Keychain at Amazon


Dog Memorial Cuff Bracelet

4. Pet Memorial Cuff Bracelet

A simple silver cuff bracelet stamped with two paw prints on the outside, the pup’s name and birth and rainbow dates stamped on the inside. Simple enough to be casual but beautiful enough to make an impact.

Cost: $20 – $31  Buy the Pet Memorial Cuff Bracelet at ETSY 


Dog Memorial Picture Frame

5. Dog Memorial Collage Picture Frame

One thing that brings a lot of comfort during times of grief is memories, particularly photographs. This collage photo frame has the ‘Pawprints on the Heart’ poem in the center and six sections for photographs.

Cost: $39.99  Buy the Dog Memorial Collage Picture Frame at Amazon


Dog Memorial Portrait

6. Dog Memorial Portrait

A customized memorial dog portrait is a wonderful gift idea for any grieving pet parent. Bulgarian artist, Roma Lena, creates these watercolor portraits in her ETSY store and she’s incredibly talented.

Cost: $81.15 – $234.39  Buy a customized dog memorial portrait from Roma Lena’s ETSY store


Dog Memorial Candle

7. Pet Memorial Candle

A memorial candle is another beautiful way to remember and honor pups who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. This “In Memory” candle holds tealights and features a heartfelt quote.

Cost: $19  Buy a pet memorial candle now at Amazon


Diamond Memorial Necklace

8. ASPCA Dog Memorial Necklace

If the grieving pet parent is someone special in your heart, this diamond and silver pendant is a beautiful thought. Plus, since this is sold by the ASPCA, a portion of the proceeds goes to homeless pets in need.

Cost: $99  Buy the ASPCA dog memorial necklace


Angel Dog Pendant

9. Angel Dog Memorial Pendant

Simple but beautiful with a little sparkle thrown in, this angel dog memorial pendant is another great pet loss gift for someone special in your life. Diamond studded wings and a perfectly placed halo compliment the backside which reads “All dogs go to heaven”.

Cost: $59.70  Buy the angel dog memorial pendant


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