Something Fishy With California Natural Kangaroo Formula

Dog Food Allergies

A few years ago, we were feeding Jet California Natural Kangaroo and Red Lentils Formula.

We chose this formula because of the .71 phosphorus percentage and unique protein source.

Jet has significant grain allergies, sensitivities to proteins, a need for low phosphorus content and now he also needs moderately reduced sodium content due to his heart disease.

So, when Jet decided to get picky with his kibble again, we decided to go back to what we knew – California Natural.

I’m not sure what has changed, and you can bet that I’ll be investigating it in depth, but something about California Natural Kangaroo & Red Lentils Formula has changed significantly since we last fed it. How do I know?


You read that right, poop.

When Jet eats any food with wheat or corn or any contamination from either, he produces more poop than an elephant in a single day. Sounds funny? It’s not, particularly when your dog is partially fecally incontinent.

As if poop wasn’t enough, there is also the itching.

You know when you eat something that you are allergic to and your face begins to itch, your throat is irritated, and you can’t stop rubbing your nose? That is precisely what my poor 15-year-old boy is going through right now.

But wait, there’s more…

Ear Infection from Dog Food AllergiesIf you follow me on Twitter, then you know that about two weeks ago Jet began with one of the worst ear infections he has experienced since we eliminated wheat and corn from his diet.

I’m not talking your average musty-ear, head shaking ear infection, I’m talking rubbing ears on the carpet until they bleed, the whole room smells like yeast ear infection.

Fortunately, a course of antibiotics started to get the ear infection under control, but in the past couple of days, the itching is beginning to return.

So, how do we know that it’s the California Natural causing these problems?

There is nothing else it can be.

Being a special needs senior dog with so many health concerns, we are exceptionally careful not to make any significant changes to Jet’s routine or diet. Not only because changes usually result in Jet feeling miserable, but they also result in a lot of work for us in terms of clean-up and treatment.

Why did it take so long for me to determine that Jet was experiencing a reaction to his food? Because in previous years he did amazingly well with the same food. Not only that, but the ingredient list of California Natural Kangaroo and Red Lentil has not changed…at least not to my knowledge.

So what has changed? I’m not certain yet, but you can guarantee that I’ll be looking into it.

What are we going to do in the meantime? We will be jumping feet first into Solid Gold Sunday Sunrise formula. A grain-free, gluten-free kibble option, Sunday Sunrise has a .7 phosphorus percentage and moderately reduced sodium content of .3 percent. With no soy and no chicken (although it has eggs), this lamb based formula is also quite highly recommended by Dog Food Advisor.

Will Solid Gold do well for us? There really is no telling, but right now we can’t do much worse than the California Natural Kangaroo and Red Lentil which has resulted in the same allergy symptoms that would come with a bag of “Ol’ Roy”.

I’ll keep you posted…

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