5 Of Our Favorite Stocking Stuffer’s For Dog Parents This Christmas

Stocking Stuffer's For Dog Lovers

I know that you are likely shopped out after yesterday’s black Friday escapades. If you still have a little more shop left in you (or still have stocking stuffer’s to find) though, then today’s post is for you.

Coming from a large family, it has always been a necessity to plan ahead of time for the holidays. This has led to me keeping an eye out for perfect gift ideas throughout the year, as well as paying attention to sales, clearances, and bargains!

Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite finds this year for stocking stuffer’s for the dog lover in your life!

5 Stocking Stuffer’s Dog Lovers Will Love This Christmas!

Feed the Dog Magnet1. The Happy / Hungry Dog Magnet via RipdNTorn on ETSY

This is a really cute, really useful little magnet that you can snag from ETSY seller RipdNTorn for just $5 plus shipping. There are a few variations on this magnet which I love including the “Pooped / No Poops” version which we will definitely be getting soon!

Price: $5 plus shipping  Purchase Via: ETSY

Stocking Stuffer's For Dog Lovers

2. Novelty Dog Cotton Liner Socks on Amazon

This is a set of five really cute pairs of socks. Made from 70% combed cotton and 30% rayon, the back of these socks feature whimsical dog faces. The tops have small ears poking up and the soles have the feet of the dogs!  There are three different sets of socks to choose from, but the set pictured above has the most variety. These socks fit shoe size 6.5 to 10.5 US.

Price: $14.99 free shipping  Purchase Via: Amazon

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul

3. Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul Book on Amazon

There are so many Chicken Soup books out there, but this one is always a big hit in the stockings of dog lover’s worldwide. Filled with stories of companionship, comedy, and courage, this 400+ page book is perfect for filling in the bulk of a Christmas stocking. Plus, it offers plenty of enjoyment for a small price tag.

Price: $11.80 free shipping  Purchase Via: Amazon

I Just Want All the Dogs Shirt

4. I Just Want All The Dogs Shirt on Amazon

Looking to fill in a little bulk in that Christmas stocking? This dog lover’s shirt is the perfect solution. The shirt is available in child’s, men’s, and women’s sizes and is made from 100% cotton. What I love most about this shirt, though, is that it doesn’t include the “and wine” or “and coffee”. Similar shirts all seem to go on about drinking wine or coffee, but some of us just want all the dogs so this shirt is perfect!

Price: $16.95 free shipping  Purchase Via: Amazon

The Pooch Selfie

5. The “Pooch Selfie” on Amazon

This is kind of a gag gift idea but not really because I happen to think it’s also FANTASTIC! If you have a dog who heads for the hills as soon as you get ready to take a picture, then you will think so too. This small universal clip is designed to fit right over the to of your phone and it holds a tennis ball. The idea is that the tennis ball will hold your dog’s attention enough to get a fabulous selfie!

Price: $12.99 free shipping  Purchase Via: Amazon

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