Supplies for Canine Incontinence – A Dog Parent’s Survival Guide

Supplies for Canine Incontinence

Supplies for Canine IncontinenceThere are many supplies for canine incontinence on the market, but it can be hard to know which work and which don’t.

During Jet’s last year we took the adventure down incontinence road with him and were determined to make life as comfortable as possible for ALL of us. This meant trying products out, MacGyver’ing items to fit our needs, and getting creative…and get creative, we did!

Since losing Jet, many readers have written to me asking for recommendations supplies for canine incontinence. After writing the same email a few times, I decided to put together a dog parent’s survival guide covering supplies for canine incontinence.

The products we recommend are products that we used for canine fecal incontinence and canine urinary incontinence. These products worked for us and we hope that they work well for you too.

Supplies for Canine Incontinence: Diapers and Diapering

Disposable diapers for canine fecal incontinence and urinary incontinence, pull-on NOT tabs. XS worked for 65 – 70lb Jet.

Goodnites for extra diaper coverage overnight. Pull-ups are not as durable for pups and rip easily.

Washable belly bands for male urinary incontinence.

Reusable belly band pad replacements.

Waterproof diaper cover with SNAPS for canine urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence to keep diapers on overnight. For now, we recommend this option but only because we can’t find a snappable one!

A wet bag for wet items that have been rinsed but need laundering.

Supplies for Canine Incontinence: Hygiene & Keeping Clean

Baby wipes for clean up. You can use the scent-free, chemical-free option, but we found the cucumber scent to work best for us.

Washcloths for “sponge bath” cleanup to avoid over-bathing, extra-large is best.

Talc-free, zinc-free, aloe-free “dusting” powder aka SAFE baby powder.

Zinc-free diaper rash cream – You can use any dog-friendly anti-biotic ointment but NEVER use it internally!

Extendable handheld showerhead to bathe your pup with high-pressure jets while they lie down.

Natural sensitive skin dog shampoo without a strong scent but still deodorizing.

A pad for your knees so you can kneel down while bathing your pup. This is DEFINITELY worth the investment especially if you have a bad back.

Extended bathtub mat. If your pup has to lie down, I recommend investing in a pillowed bath mat like this.

Absorbent towel.

Absorbent bath mat.

You can also optionally get a bathrobe for your dog if they have trouble standing while being dried or are afraid of being dried.

Supplies for Canine Incontinence: Bedding

Picnic blankets with waterproof backing.

Snoozer Forgiveness bed – Expensive but FULLY washable and the most hygienic option. At 70-80lb, Jet had plenty of room on the XL and would have been okay on a Large but preferred stretching out fully.

Snoozer Forgiveness Crate Pad if you crate.

(The Kuranda bed is also easily cleanable if you don’t need as much support.)

Supplies for Canine Incontinence: Housecleaning

Bar towels for blotting urine stain and other cleanups.

Baking Soda to deodorize urine stain after blotting, prior to cleaning. Shaker packs are easier for cleaning use.

Carpet brush for fecal accidents.

Bissel Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner with Pet Cleaning Solution.

Woolite cannister carpet cleaner for spot cleaning. It’s best to buy locally or buy in multiples online to save money.

Disinfecting wipes for hard surfaces. I would prefer natural wipes but fecal incontinence demands complete confidence in germ-killing ability.

Honeywell HEPA Air Filter to deodorize air and reduce allergens for an allergy dog.

Deodorizing Diaper Pail – we stored ours outdoors and used it for waste bags also.

Diaper sacks for dirty diapers (waste bags aren’t large enough) it’s best to use a diaper bag then use the pail to double bag odor!

Waste Bags for pickup, we prefer Earth Rated because they’re eco-friendly and have handles!

Supplies for Canine Incontinence: Supplements

Solid Gold Berry Balance chews for urinary tract health.

Supplies for Canine Incontinence: Specialized Products for Paralyzed or Mobility Challenged Pups

Walkin’ Drag Bag to protect paralyzed pup’s hind end from dragging.

Eddie’s Wheels Wheelchair.

Help ‘Em Up Harness for assisted mobility.

Indoor/outdoor hard sole shoes for better grip on slick floors and to help with knuckling.

Resources for Canine Incontinence and Canine Paralysis Help

Lessons from a Paralyzed Dog

The Adventures of Dixie-Belle and Indy

Reach Out!

If you have questions about canine incontinence or would like to ask a question about our experience, just use our contact page to send me an e-mail and I’ll get right back to you. If you don’t mind sharing your question with other readers, you can also comment below!

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