How to Soothe An Anxious Dog

How to Soothe An Anxious Dog: 6 Tips to Try Before Medicating

Knowing how to soothe an anxious dog can be difficult. It's no secret that Jet is an anxious dog; he has been for all of his life. For most dogs, anxiety is a result of experience, but for Jet, I firmly…
Zen Crate for Anxious Dogs

The Zen Dog Crate – Thinking Outside the Box

Today, I discovered the Zen Dog Crate. Let me back up for a minute... If you have been a reader here for any amount of time, then you know that Jet struggles with Anxiety. Not just "anxiety", but anxiety to which…
Hurricane Matthew

Anxiety, Sundowning, and the Hurricane

Yesterday, Hurricane Matthew made his way into North Carolina. He had passed by our family in Florida and Georgia leaving them unscathed. By the time he got to us, here in central North Carolina, however, he was ready to show…