My Dog Has Cancer, Now What?

My Dog Has Cancer…Now What?

When Jet was first diagnosed with cancer everything the doctor said after the word 'cancer' fell on deaf ears. My heart dropped into my stomach, I wanted to throw up, and I tried to prepare myself for putting my boy…
Canine Lipoma

Lipomas, Histiocytomas, and Sebaceous Cysts

If you read my post: Canine Hemangiosarcoma – AKA How Jet Kicked Cancer’s Butt then you know that Jet has survived canine cancer. When you have a dog that has survived canine cancer, it can make you extremely watchful of any lumps and…
Canine Hemangiosarcoma

Canine Hemangiosarcoma – AKA How Jet Kicked Cancer’s Butt

Let me preface by telling you that the pictures included in this post are graphic. There is blood, open wounds, and stitches. There is also cancer. A rapidly growing, highly invasive cancer. That Jet survived. Let me start from the…