Sundowner’s Syndrome in Senior Dogs

In the past few months, Jet has begun to display signs of Sundowner's Syndrome. If you have experience working with the elderly or with someone with dementia, then you may have heard of this term before. Sundowning is a term…
Jet Xray

Supplements For Dogs With Arthritis

Today I want to talk about the bane of my boy's existence - arthritis. Just like people, dogs get arthritis. Usually, arthritis is more commonly seen in older dogs, but certain injuries and illnesses can also contribute to the earlier…
Heart Attack in Dogs

Senior Dog Syncope, Seizures, Stroke, and Heart Attack Part 4

A couple of days ago (my apologies, I was a little under the weather,) in the third installment of an article series on syncope, seizures, stroke and heart attack in dogs, I talked about strokes in dogs and how they…