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Today We Celebrate 2 Years Cancer Free!

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Jet is Two Years Cancer Free TodayTwo years ago Jet had a hemangiosarcoma tumor removed from his tail.

If you haven’t read about Jet’s cancer, you can read about it here.

Today we had planned on celebrating two years cancer free by taking Jet for his favorite treat in the world – a McDonalds ice cream cone!  Unfortunately, we had to scratch that off the list after he was very ill yesterday.

I’m almost 100% certain that my big guy drank FAR too much water after his breakfast. He spent the next two hours trying to throw up. When I became significantly concerned about the possibility of bloat and picked up the phone to call our vet, Jet finally threw up.

Jet didn’t just throw up, though, he projectile vomited around a gallon of stomach contents all over his bed, all over himself, and all over us.

Let me break to touch on the volume of a dog’s stomach. A study in the mid-1940’s found the volume of a dog’s stomach to be around  100–250 mL/kg. That is 1.53oz – 3.84 oz. per lb of body weight.

Jet weighs around 65lbs.

By these calculations, his maximum stomach capacity would be projected to be between 99 oz or .77 gallons and 249 oz or 1.9 gallons.

Yes, there was a LOT of vomit. While this vomit was coating us all, Jet also lost control of his other bodily functions.

We spent the rest of the day nursing Jet and getting everyone all cleaned up.

Today, however, the ice cream cone is off the menu. What is on the menu was a bowl of Bravo freeze-dried turkey dinner and a bowl of rice and bone broth (although not at the same time) and he enjoyed both thoroughly.

What is he doing now? Taking a nap with his lovely new Texas Rangers bandana on and feeling MUCH better than he did yesterday, thank God!

It’s not exactly how we planned on celebrating our day today, but that isn’t what matters. What matters today is that for TWO years, our boy has been cancer-free!



A thirty-something author, I have a passion for all things canine. I have shared my life with dogs of all breeds including the one-of-a-kind Great Dane-Pit Bull mix, Millie. My true heart-dog, however, was a black Labrador named Jet. Being Jet’s mom has taught me more than I ever thought possible about…just about everything. Together we had many a misadventure including a faceplant on river rocks, a dog bite, a brown recluse spider bite, giardia, cancer and the best of all – the exploding anal gland.

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