Raw Paws: Healthier Treats For Senior Dogs

Raw Paws Treats for a Senior Dog

Treats for a Senior Dog Finding treats for senior dogs often means doing a little research. And there is plenty to consider depending on your individual dog’s needs.

When shopping for Jet, we had to go grain free, he much preferred red meat sources, he could not tolerate pumpkin, we had to limit caloric intake, and (at 15-years old) anything that required too much chewing was out or he would choke.

So what on Earth do you do when you’re looking for treats for senior dogs with so many limitations?

You turn to raw food.

Now don’t start panicking about raw food being unhealthy for senior dogs, firstly because it’s not necessarily and secondly because raw doesn’t always mean “raw”.

Raw Paws Freeze Dried Treats For Senior Dogs

Raw Paws Treats for a Senior Dog

Raw Paws All Natural Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats are a great example of treats for senior dogs that fit all of Jet’s dietary requirements.

These medium-sized treats are freeze-dried chunks of 100% beef liver. This means that they contain no grains, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and they are 100% natural. Additionally, the texture of these treats is soft enough for senior dogs to manage without taxing older teeth or requiring too much work on the chewing front!

Raw Paws Dog Treats

But what about this “freeze-dried” thing? What is freeze drying and are freeze-dried treats really safe for senior dogs?

Freeze-drying is the process of rapidly freezing something in order to preserve it. Once frozen, a high-pressure vacuum then removes any moisture from the frozen substance.

Technically a dehydrating process, freeze-drying happens very quickly. This allows for more nutrients within the freeze-dried food to remain intact. In comparison, cooked dog treats undergo such long cooking times at such high temperatures that many of their nutrients are degraded.

But are dehydrated treats safe if they aren’t cooked? After all more nutrients are no good if they aren’t safe to eat.

Well, here is a “dirty little secret” – freeze-dried food is considerably different to more traditional “raw” food.

As the moisture is completely removed from freeze-dried treats, harmful microorganisms and bacteria are unable to survive. This process makes well packaged freeze-dried foods less of a risk for older dogs than the more traditional raw fed diets.

Why Raw Paws Freeze-Dried Treats for Senior Dogs?

With so many different freeze-dried treat options on the market today, what makes Raw Paws stand out?

  • Raw Paws freeze-dried beef liver treats use only USDA inspected beef from USA raised cattle.
  • Raw Paws use absolutely no artificial ingredients, fillers, or preservatives in their treats.
  • Raw Paws freeze-dried treats are gluten-free and grain-free.
  • Raw Paws freeze-dried beef liver treats are a single source ingredient treat and are 100% natural.
  • Raw Paws freeze-dried treats are veterinarian approved.
  • Raw Paws freeze-dried treats are made in the U.S.

Raw Paws has a wide selection of freeze-dried and “raw” treats including beef liver, beef, chicken and green beef tripe flavors.

The bag of freeze dried beef liver treats that we have is 8 ounces – remember that freeze-dried food is lighter, so this is a BIG bag – and is currently on sale for $11.99. You can get additional savings if you keep an eye out for coupon deals and by taking advantage of promotional deals.

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