Where Is It All Coming From?


Yes, I know, it’s been a while. I promised it wouldn’t be when I blogged last, but it was, and I don’t want to talk about it.

A lot has been going on since I last blogged, such is the life of a senior dog mom.

As you might recall, after the Blue Buffalo debacle we switched to raw food. Jet was thriving. He was bright eyed, bushy tailed and then…he wasn’t. Then his digestive system decided it had had enough of raw food and chronic diarrhea set in. I don’t need to tell you how un-fun that is when your senior dog is partially incontinent. So, we started our dog food search again.

Our checklist this time:

As close to raw as we could get

Low phosphorus content (.80 or lower)

Average to low sodium content

No corn or wheat

No primary chicken flavor




We ultimately decided on Honest Kitchen dehydrated food. It fit the bill as best as possible and while Grandma Lucy’s Valor also fit the bill, they were too slow to respond to our concerns, so Honest Kitchen got our business…for one box.

We went with Keen Honest Kitchen formula because it was the ONLY formula with .80% phosphorus. (Honest Kitchen, if you’re reading this, please make more low phosphorus foods for pups out there with kidney/bladder issues!)

I liked Honest Kitchen. Jet liked Honest Kitchen.

I have honestly NEVER smelled a dog food that I’d be tempted to taste for myself until we found Honest Kitchen. It. Smells. Like. A. Turkey. Dinner. SERIOUSLY! Sure, it has the texture of oatmeal, but coming from a ground raw diet that wasn’t an issue for us. What was an issue for us was the FIVE poops a day. Once again the problem of partial incontinence only made this problem worse. We went through diapers like they were Kleenex. We went through baby wipes like no one’s business. We lost two blankets completely (the raccoon who visits our trashcan once in a while had one hell of a surprise that night!) We did one load of laundry…ok, this isn’t a big deal, but you get the point. Poor Jet was a pooping factory.

Our Honest Kitchen experience lasted two days. More than 24 hours later he is still pooping vegetable pieces all over the yard.

And so, the hunt begins again. At this point, I’m tempted to go back to kibble. I hate the thought of it since he did so well on raw, but even I have my limits…

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