10 Businesses That Support Shelter Dogs and Rescue Organizations

Amazon Smile

While I generally buy what I have to buy when I need it, if there is the opportunity to buy those things from a business that supports shelter or rescue dogs – then I’m going to do it.

These 10 businesses put in the extra effort to support dogs in need and we think that they deserve some recognition!

Hendrick & Co

1. Hendrick & Co.

Hendrick & Co. run HendrickBoards.com and everything you buy from their website means a donation to rescue dogs and shelter dogs in need. You even have the opportunity of helping a specific dog with your purchase depending on what you buy.

Amazon Smile

2. Amazon Smile

The Amazon Smile program allows you to select the charity of your choice to receive a percentage of everything that you buy from Amazon. There are literally thousands of charities to choose from and a vast selection of them are charities that support animals. We like to support the Grey Muzzle Organization.


3. Vans

Vans have a range of really cool designs that feature dogs and cats and when you buy one of those designs, a portion of your purchase is donated to the ASPCA.

Ben and Jerry's

4. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s not only make delicious ice cream AND let their employees bring their dogs to the office (although probably not those who actually MAKE the ice cream…), but they also collaborate with local shelters on their “free cone day” to use the event to get shelter dogs adopted!

Dog For Dog

5. Dog For Dog

Dog For Dog is a company that really puts the focus on dogs in need. Whenever you buy Dog For Dog treats or dog food, Dog For Dog will donate the same bag to a dog in need. That means that you get what you want/need and a pup without a home gets the same!


6. Thundershirt

Thundershirt is not only dedicated to keeping your dog anxiety free, but they are devoted to keeping shelter dogs and rescue dogs free from anxiety as well! Thundershirt makes monthly donations of Thundershirts to shelter dogs in need!


7. Bissell

The Bissell Pet Foundation is owned by the Bissell company and is devoted to finding homes for homeless pets across the nation. For every Bissell purchase you make, a portion of the money you spend goes straight to the Bissell Pet Foundation to support their efforts!


8. PetCo

We may not be fans of big name pet store foods, but PetCo certainly makes an impact on the lives of shelter dogs and rescue dogs around the nation. Every year through adoption events in PetCo stores, 350,000 animals find a new forever home! That’s a pretty good reason to drop in and pick up a new toy for your pup, don’t you think?

Moon Doggie Coffee

9. Moon Doggie Coffee

Moon Doggie Coffee is a micro coffee roaster located in New Jersey and they pair up with local bassett hound rescue groups to raise money for dogs in need! They also have really delicious coffee blends!


10. Ikea

Ikea had a fabulous idea to get more shelter dogs adopted in to their forever homes – they put cardboard cutouts of adoptable dogs in the “rooms” setup throughout their stores. The idea is to let people see what their new room would look like with a dog in it and it gets shelter dogs a lot of great exposure! By putting a “barcode” on the cutout, visitors to Ikea stores can scan dogs that they are interested in and track them via their smart phone to learn more about whether they would be a good fit!

Do you have a favorite business that supports shelter and rescue dogs? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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