10 Things Every Geek Dog Owner Needs in Their Life

Flash Dog Costume

Jet’s dad and I are, for lack of a better word, geeks.

If it’s comic related, computer related, cult-trend related, or..well, even remotely geeky, we’re all over it.

Unfortunately for Jet, this means that he too has been inducted into the geek club.

Over the years we have found a ton of great geeky goodies for Jet and today I want to share some of my favorite finds!


Doctor Who Dog Tag

1. The Dr. Who Dog Collar Tag 

Perfect for any Whovian family, this tag is available in 1″ and 1.5″ and the back of the tag is absolutely gorgeous!

$12 from ID 4 Pet

        DC Comics Batman Seatbelt Collar

2. The DC Comics Batman Seatbelt Collar

I am a DC Comics lover and Batman and Hawkgirl are my loves. When I saw this collar years ago it was a no-brainer that we had to have it. I do find that the buckle is difficult to open when I have longer nails, but the quality of the collar is worth the difficulty of the buckle in my opinion. There are plastic buckle Batman collars available, but I don’t find the plastic buckles to be as durable. There are also metal buckle Batman collars available, but all of the ones I have found use ribbon overlays which I really dislike because they don’t last as long!

$21.95 from Buckle Down

Lord of the Rings Dog Collar

3. Lord of the Rings Leather Dog Collar

This is a true Geek dog collar, but be prepared to pay the price for the one collar that rules them all! This is a hand made custom collar from an ETSY seller and the quality looks incredible.

$71 from Saluki Feathers

Harry Potter Dog Bowtie

4. Harry Potter Dog Bowtie

What’s not to love about a dog in a bowtie? When that bowtie is Harry Potter themed it gets even better! This is an ETSY product and just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

$6.99 from MyLadyAlice

Flash Dog Costume

5. Flash Dog Costume

Of all of the superhero dog Halloween costumes out this year, this Flash costume is my favorite. It’s bright enough to work on any color dog and that headpiece is just adorable!

$16.05 from Rubies


Harry Potter Dog Bed

6. Harry Potter Dog Bed

This Harry Potter dog bed is ideal for the covert geek who wants to get a little artsy with their Harry Potter fangirling/fanboying. This bed is available in both 20″ x 30″ and 30″ x 40″ and the cover is removable for washing.

$125 from Kess In House 

Captain America Bandana Collar

7. Personalized Captain America Bandana Collar

This collar with a built-in bandana has Kawaii Captain America on the bandana and the collar line can be customized with your dog’s name. The collar does have a plastic buckle in the picture, but you can upgrade to a stainless steel buckle too.

$19.95 from Happy Pet Tag

Wonder Woman Dog Cape

8. Wonder Woman Cape

One for the little girl pups out there, this Wonder Woman cape is adorable and not only for Halloween! You can grab this one in XS to XL and perfect for your little super heroine.

$16.95 from Rubies

Pokemon Dog Costume

9. Pokemon Dog Costume

The Pokemon dog costume is also a coat and it looks really warm, but it is only for little dogs which is kind of a bummer if you have big dogs.

$10.99 from Pawz Road

Chewbacca Dog Toy

10. Chewbacca Dog Toy

Jet LOVES his stuffies and this is one of my favorites. What can I say? We’re a Star Wars family!

$17.25 from Star Wars

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