16 Dog Deal of the Day Websites You Should Check Out

Rue La La

If you love a good deal, then these 16 dog deal of the day websites are sites that you should keep an eye on.

Some of these sites specialize in dog only products and some specialize in all kinds of deals, but they all offer something for dog parents!

16 Dog Deal of the Day Websites You Should Check Out


1. Coupaw

Coupaw offers exclusively pet products and we have shopped with them a few times before. I never had a problem with products or ordering and the prices are always pretty good, particularly if you are looking to buy for multiple dogs.


2. DoggyLoot

DoggyLoot is another pet only daily deal site and another one that we have shopped a number of times. As with Coupaw, I have never had any trouble with products or ordering and again, the prices have always been good. They have quite a few sales of more than one item which is great for multi-dog households.

10 Dog Deal of the Day Websites You Should Check Out

3. Groupon Goods

Groupon Goods and Groupon local deals offer pet products as well as other products. While I have yet to purchase a pet product from Groupon, I have made other purchases from them in the past and have never had any trouble with ordering or receiving what I order.


4. Woot!

Woot! is one of my favorite daily deal websites. They have plenty of shopping categories and frequently have some great deals. As with Groupon, I have shopped with Woot! before, but I have not purchased any pet products to date. I have never had problems ordering from them and always received what I ordered in record time.


5. Living Social

Living Social OCCASIONALLY have good deals on pet products. They offer various other products as well, however as they are owned by Groupon, most of the better deals are found on Groupon. I have shopped with Living Social before, but again, not for pet products and while I never experienced any trouble with ordering from them, Jet’s dad has. He found their customer support to be extremely underwhelming and dismissive. Ironically, Groupon were more than happy to help with an order that he previously made from them…


6. Amazon Deal of the Day

Amazon Deal of the Day is something like the new Amazon Gold Box that they used to feature. I frequently post deals on my Twitter feed from the Amazon pet deals of the day and I have purchased them myself in the past. I have never had problems ordering or receiving what I ordered from them, but their daily deals do tend to repeat the same items quite frequently. With that said, their lightening deal discounts are quite good (albeit fast) so it’s worth checking them out on a daily basis.


7. Tanga

Tanga isn’t as well known as some of the other daily deal sites, but they do have pet deals as well as other deals. Their product selection is usually minimal and sometimes can include some “cheap” products, but once in a while you will find a good deal or two. I have ordered from them previously and received what I ordered quickly. When I did have a problem with something I ordered malfunctioning, they were quick to send me a refund and did not ask for the item to be shopped back to them. I had no complaints with their customer service at all and their prices are good when you can find a quality deal.

13 Deals

8. 13 Deals

13 Deals have a wide variety of daily deals and sometimes include pet products in those deals. Their prices are quite good, but their selection is not too different from the offerings of other daily deal websites. I have not shopped with 13 Deals before, so I can’t attest to their product quality, delivery, or customer service.


9. Yugster

Yugster is another site that offers a variety of deals including products found on other dog daily deal sites. Their prices are affordable, but their products tend to be underwhelming most of the time. I have not shopped with Yugster before, so, again, I cannot attest to their product quality, delivery, or customer service.


10. That Daily Deal

That Daily Deal has a range of daily deal offerings in many categories including pet products. Their prices are quite good and their range of pet products is somewhat eclectic. I have not shopped with That Daily Deal before, so unfortunately, I can’t share anything in regards to their products or service.

Rue La La

11. Rue La La

Rue La La is a daily deal site that offers slightly higher range brand names, but their price discounts are quite considerable. They don’t always feature pet products, but occasionally they do. Their offerings are somewhat selective for all categories of products, but the savings are significant enough to look them over daily. I have shopped with Rue La La in the past and have always had a positive experience with them.

Deal Genius

12. Deal Genius

Deal Genius has a number of categories of products on a daily basis including pet deals. Their product offerings are significant and include some unique items worth looking over. Their discounts on items vary from very good to not that great depending on the items that you are considering. I have no experience shopping with Deal Genius, so I can’t attest to their products or service.


13. Daily Sale

Daily Sale is another multi-category site who occasionally feature pet products. Their product selection is limited and their discount varies. I have yet to find any product on their site that isn’t featured on most other dog daily deal sites, however. I have not shopped with Daily Sale before and so I can’t attest to their products or service.


14. Zulily

Zulily is another one of my favorite daily deal sites, but they don’t always have pet deals. They feature various brands with new brands added daily for short time sales. I have not purchased pet products from them before, but I have made a number of other purchases with them and always been extremely happy with their products and service. Their customer service is impeccable. The only complaint I had with Zulily is that their delivery time is often quite long.

Steep and Cheap

15. Steep and Cheap

Steep and Cheap is a “BackCountry” website. They offer a range of product categories and sometimes that includes pet products, but not always. Their product selection is quite limited but their discounts are good and worth looking into. I have yet to purchase anything from Steep and Cheap or BackCountry so I can’t say anything as to their product selection or customer service.


16. Ebay Deals

Ebay Deals have many product categories and they are a very well known company to shop with. Their deals are from various sellers, so purchasing from them can be hit or miss just like shopping on eBay. Their product selection is wide and it always includes pet products. Their prices are hit or miss in terms of discounts. I have shopped eBay Deals in the past and found some great deals and never had trouble with receiving the items I purchased, but I cannot speak for every seller, obviously!

Do you have another Dog Daily Deal site you can recommend? Leave a comment below and share it with our readers!

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