4 Studies That Prove That Your Dog is Awesome!

4 Studies That Prove Your Dog Is Awesome

4 Studies That Prove Your Dog Is AwesomeLately, I’ve been reading far too many academic publications and research studies.

In addition to neuropsychology, many of these articles have pertained to canine behavior and comprehension.

Now, I know that not everyone is as intrigued by this type of read as I am, but today I want to share with you 4 studies from this month that I hope you will find interesting.


4 Studies That Prove That Dogs Are Awesome!

1. Dogs are Capable of Tactical Deception

A recent study from the University of Zurich in Switzerland studied the capability of dogs to deceive humans and found that they could. Not only that, but dogs were capable of altering their behavior depending upon who they are interacting with!

2. Dogs Have a Human-Like Sense of Morality

A recent study out of Kyoto University has found that dogs have a human-like sense of morality and are less likely to play with rude or unfair individuals!

3. Dogs Have Similar Social Understanding as Human Toddlers

A recent study at the University of Arizona has discovered that dogs have a social understanding similar to that of 2-year-old human toddlers. When tested, dogs showed better social understanding than chimps!

4. Dogs in the Workplace Can Improve Collaboration and Social Interaction

A recent study highlighted by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center shows that having dogs in the workplace helps to facilitate better social interaction and collaboration among groups of employees!


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